Newspaper Digital First News Summary-11/11/2011

Several new developments this week, including Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet entering an increasingly crowded tablet space, giving publishers another device to expand the reach of their digital content.

Here’s is the top updates for circulation executives this week:

1.  The $249 Nook Tablet will compete directly with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and indirectly with the market-leading iPad.

2. Could The Boston Globe have found a way to slow the flight of paying readers, an exodus that has already taken the paper out of the country’s top 25 based on daily circulation? Paywall May Have Aided Boston Globe’s Sunday Circ

3. In a period where we see Apple’s latest results reveal that over 11 million iPads were sold in its last trading year — a 166% increase over 2010. The iPad and its position today: what newspapers need to know

4. The buzz of the daily-deal industry–soaring after Friday’s IPO of trailblazer Groupon–may not last long, according to one research firm that polled online shoppers. Daily-Deal Sites Face Problems Ahead, Report Says. 

5. Mobile becomes a more important driver of in-store traffic and Brings New Opportunities for Local Retailers

6. The Audit Bureau of Circulations released survey results that reveal publishers’ attitudes about working with Apple.

7. As newspapers’ print revenue and readership continue to drop, the future of the industry depends on finding a way to collect money from people who read the news for free online. Paywall, Tablets Not Sure Savior For Star Tribune

8. Oklahoma might seem more about wheat fields and gas wells than life on the cutting edge. But if “cutting edge” in media is now mobile, Oklahoma City has arrived.

9. Walmart is launching new or revamped iPhone and iPad apps aimed at linking online and in-store shopping like never before, while creating a platform for the relationship-marketing program the giant retailer has long lacked.

10. A Performics online survey examined 1,000 participants from a survey sampling panel of over 6 million responders and Releases “Social Shopping Study”

11. Taiwan’s biggest media group, the United Daily News has partnered up with a revolutionary augmented browser firm to create the worlds first augmented national daily newspaper.

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About Jeff Hartley

Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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2 Responses to Newspaper Digital First News Summary-11/11/2011

  1. Lewis Floyd says:

    Great idea Jeff, the industry has need a “collection” like this for years; very refreshing instead of the “same old same” with an occasional twist.

  2. Bernie K says:

    Excellent collection of breaking news, breakthroughs and how others are leveraging new technology.

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