Newspapers Digital First News Summary-12/23/11

Happy Holidays! Here’s this week’s digital first news summary for the week ending 12/23/11. This week’s update on digital, social and mobile includes a new report from the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future where they claim that “Most print newspapers will be gone in five years.” Read about this and many more developments below:

Digital Commenting Now Possible for Readers of Newspapers                                        Paperboy, the flagship app of Swiss start-up, kooaba, just added a new dimension to the way we experience print media.

Most print newspapers have 5 years to live, USC report claims                                          “Most print newspapers will be gone in five years,” says a new report from the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future.

Internet, Newspapers Most-Effective Ways to Reach Local Business Customers           People looking for information about local restaurants and other businesses say they rely on the internet, especially search engines, ahead of any other source.

Can PayPal deals compete against Groupon?                                                                        Mobile deals will play an important role for PayPal next year as it continues to build a multifaceted retail technology solution to help retailers address the pain points in their businesses.

Android, Apple Lead Apps, But Mobi Browser Rules                                                           Apple’s and Android’s stronghold on the U.S. smartphone market has been the case for many quarters already, and figures out today from Nielsen show how that has translated into a domination of the business of mobile content as well.

US Teens Triple Mobile Data Usage                                                                                           Teens have officially joined the mobile Data Tsunami, more than tripling mobile data consumption in the past year while maintaining their stronghold as the leading message senders.

Former USA Today Publisher to Buy Sister Papers                                                                 Alain Lillie, owner of South Charlotte Weekly and the Carolina Weekly Newspaper Group, will soon sell the four newspapers in the company’s northern division to Craig Moon, former president and publisher of USA Today.

Why Not A Reverse Pay Meter?                                                                                               Imagine that you pay to get access to The Times. Everyone does. You pay for one article. Or you pay $20 as a deposit so you’re not bothered every time you come. But whenever you add value to The Times, you earn a credit that delays the next bill.

New York Times to raise home delivery rates in January                                                         The Times is telling national subscribers that on Jan. 2, rates will increase 30 to 60 cents a week depending on the package.

With Siri TV, Apple Will Dismantle TV Networks                                                                   Steve Jobs died without fully transforming television, but the day before he passed away, Apple unveiled Siri, its natural language interface. Though it’s currently only embedded in the new iPhone 4S, Siri could eventually change the face of the TV industry.

New Media To Grow By Double-Digits In ’12                                                                        Internet ad spending zoomed to new heights in 2011 and it will do so again in 2012, with search and social media becoming an increasingly crucial part of advertisers’ spending mix.

Why Publishers Can’t Afford To Forget Customer Service                                                        One of the most underestimated aspects of business today is good old-fashioned customer service.

Newspapers Welcome Delay in Postal Plant Closings                                                               National Newspaper Association President Reed Anfinson applauded a decision by the U.S Postal Service to put off the closings of mail sorting plants and post offices until May 15, 2012, while Congress works on sweeping postal reform legislation.

5 anti-engagement features we’re better off without                                                                     For all the talk about improving audience engagement, publishers and advertisers still team up on a lot of “features” that degrade the user experience instead of enhancing it.

Kindle Fire Impressions Grow 19% Each Day                                                                              We still don’t have any exact figures from Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) for how many Kindle Fire tablets it has sold, but the latest figures out from mobile ad network Millennial Media are the latest to suggest that it is selling very well, and that people are using the device to consume ad-based content.

P&G, mobeam team up to simplify mobile couponing                                                            Procter & Gamble Co. and mobeam Inc. have  teamed up to make it easier for consumers to redeem mobile coupons using retailers’ existing point-of-sale technology.

2012 Will Bring “The Great Retrenchment” Among Newspaper Publishers                  Following years of retreat in the face of shrinking readership, mounting financial losses, and a rising chorus of digital visionaries telling them they’re doing it all wrong, 2012 will be a year of retrenchment for newspaper publishers.

How Can Newspapers Convince Readers That Online Content Is Worth Paying For?    Many factors helped the online media industry overtake the print industry, but a huge reason was that the content was free while newspapers had a cost.

How mobile will affect the strategy of newspapers                                                                     “It’s not a phone anymore, it’s your alter ego, an extension of everything we do.”

3 Reasons PayPal Deals Could Hurt Groupon                                                                   Although PayPal is certainly showing up late to the daily deals party, the fashionably late arrival by the eBay-owned juggernaut payment platform could prove an instant game changer for the burgeoning daily deals industry.

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Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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    Good Stuff Jeff…thanks much for the effort you are putting into this

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