Newspapers Digital First News Summary-02/24/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news summary for the week ending 02/24/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a report on how JC Penney is attempting to radically change the way customers shop their stores and digital sites. See this and more in this week’s update:

Gamification grows up                                                                                                                           Over the last year, you may have noticed that a once-niche trend not only crept into the mainstream, but is starting to really make a big splash.

Washington Post recasts for digital future
On a Sunday in early December,Marcus Brauchli, the executive editor of The Washington Post, summoned some of the newspaper’s most celebrated journalists to a lunch at his home, a red brick arts-and-crafts style in the suburb of Bethesda, Md.

New JC Penney approach holds lessons for newspapers
If you can get beyond the screaming women in the television commercials, take a minute to tune in and listen to what JC Penney is attempting to radically change the way customers shop their stores and digital sites.

MySpace’s Music Focus Pays Off                                                                                                   The social Web space is abuzz with new developments and entrants these days. Facebook’s IPO. The explosion of Pinterest. The rapid evolution of Google+ into a place where the President of the United States hangs out. One name you never hear is one that was all the rage just a few years ago.

Apple earned $1 of every $5 US consumers spent on electronics this holiday                      During the busy holiday shopping season, Apple accounted for 19 percent, or nearly one in five, of all U.S. consumer dollars spent on electronics, according to the NPD Group.

All 30 McClatchy Properties Choose Digital Technology for Circulation                                     The McClatchy Company, the third-largest newspaper publisher in the United States, has signed an enterprise-wide agreement with Digital Technology International (DTI™) to implement DTI Circulation via DTI Cloud for all of its 30 newspapers.

Report: Apple testing 8-inch tablet                                                                                              Apple Inc. is working with component suppliers in Asia to test a new tablet computer with a smaller screen, people familiar with the situation said, as it looks to broaden its product pipeline amid intensifying competition and maintain its dominant market share.

Zite Finds Clear Patterns In iPhone, iPad Use                                                                               When Zite’s Mike Klaas examines usage data for his company’s news aggregation app, something very interesting pops out: he can pretty much paint a picture of how his users are spending their days.

Facebook delivers 1 of every 4 online display ads                                                          Facebook’s 1.3 trillion display ad impressions accounted for 27.9 percent of all the display ads served online in 2011

Size Not An Issue When It Comes To Screens                                                                               When it comes to watching entertainment programming, it turns out size doesn’t matter as much as people previously thought (or hoped).

iPad market share hit by deep PlayBook price cut in Canada                                                    New data released on Wednesday suggests Research in Motion’s PlayBook tablet has managed a ten percent increase in Canadian marketshare on substantial discounts, and has pulled the share of Apple’s iPad down to 68 percent.

Apple will update iOS to require user permission for apps to access contact data                      Apple on Wednesday announced a future update to iOS will restrict App Store software from accessing a user’s address book without their permission.

Men Make Up TV Time with Digital Channels                                                                           Women watch more traditional television, while men turn to online and mobile video

Men More Willing to Share Personal Information on Social Media                                           When it comes to contact info, political or religious affiliation and more, women are less likely to share

Would digital-first transition be easier with internal social networks?                                   Revolution doesn’t start at the top; it’s a grass-roots movement that becomes contagious and spreads throughout a population.

Kindle Touch adds handwriting recognition                                                                               The puzzle technology startup has developed a new technology called TouchWrite that can convert handwritten letters and numbers into digital on-screen versions.

The newsonomics of ads that go bump in the night                                                                       News apps like The Wall Street Journal’s are showing the potential of immersive, interactive advertising. But most news organizations aren’t in a position to take advantage.

21pc of consumers search for a coupon in-store: study                                                               A new report from JiWire points to the importance of locally relevant advertising to mobile users and the need for local merchants and other businesses to focus on reaching consumers in and around their locations.

Apple’s iPad driving accelerated enterprise transition away from printing                              A new analysis shows that the adoption of tablets in the enterprise, led largely by Apple’s iPad, is having an accelerating impact on the decline corporate printing.

Apple became world’s largest smartphone seller in 2011 with 19% share                               Apple was not only the largest seller of smartphones worldwide in 2011, taking 19 percent of all sales, but also overtook LG to become the No. 3 largest global mobile phone vendor, according to Gartner.

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  1. Frank Lane says:

    Enjoyed reading about the JC Penny approach and how newspapers can use the same model.

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