Newspapers Digital First News Summary-03/02/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news summary for the week ending 03/02/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a report on how U.S. smartphone penetration is nearly at the halfway mark as of January, according to the latest Nielsen data. See this and more in this week’s update:

New Owners Believe Community Newspapers Future of Industry                                      New owners Garry Ellis and Gary Stevenson say acquisition of the Clovis News Journal, Portales News-Tribune and Quay County Sun marks the end of a 2 1/2-year search “for just the right (media) property.”

In Homes with Tablet Computers, Most Kids Use Them                                                   Forget dolls and footballs. About 70 percent of children in households with tablet computers used these devices, according to fourth-quarter results from research firm Nielsen.

Irish Publisher Pulls Regional Titles From ABC                                                                          Ireland’s leading newspaper publisher, Independent News & Media, has suddenly de-registered 12 of its regional titles from the industry’s official circulation auditor, ABC.

Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet grab low-end tablet share                                                                        Low-priced media tablets showed tremendous sales growth in 2011, with an estimated 7.5 million units combined from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Powerful lineup of newspaper talent committed to present April 2-5, mediaXchange 2012   Be sure you are a part of the newspaper industry’s annual conference and exhibition.

Mobile Search Ads A Bigger Hit Than Display                                                                       Local-mobile ad network xAd released a treasure-trove of data from Q4 2011 this morning. The US-based information is drawn from mobile sites and apps that run its ads and the related user behaviors that xAd observes.

80% Want Locally Relevant Ads                                                                                                  The new report from JiWire also found that 75% of consumers have taken action in response to location-specific advertising on their mobile device.

Tablets, Social To Impact Mobile Commerce                                                                                         As consumers shift their online browsing and buying behavior away from personal computers and toward mobile devices – in particular, tablets – their shopping habits are adapting to fit both the benefits and the limitations of the mobile world.

New Apple OS Will Make Mac More Like iPad                                                                                     Apple’s iPhones and iPads get most of the attention, but Apple is now directing the spotlight on the Mac.

Twitter Opens Up Self-Serve Ad Platform to 10,000 Small Businesses                                  In a bid to broaden its revenue streams, Twitter is rolling out the self-serve ad platform to 10,000 small and midsize businesses through a partnership with American Express.

Alleged ‘iPad 3’ photos showcase larger camera, tapered case                                                            High quality photos received through “special channels” by a Chinese publication allegedly show that the next generation iPad will sport a larger rear-facing camera than the current iPad 2, and will use a slightly redesigned case than previous models.

Apple begins counting down to 25 billion App Store downloads                                                        Apple on Friday added a counter to its website, leading up to the milestone of 25 billion downloads from the iOS App Store by offering a chance at a $10,000 gift card.

Mobile Trends 2012                                                                                                                          If 2011 is any indication, 2012 is the year of the mobile phone takeover. Mobile device sales skyrocketed in 2011 and show no signs of slowing down.

Big gap between mobile time spent, ad spend                                                                                     There have been some big numbers thrown at the medium of mobile advertising recently.

Paton: ‘Crappy newspaper execs’ pose biggest threat to journalism                                 Digital First Media CEO John Paton says he’s struggling to accept that much of what we know is no longer valid, and trying to come to grips with the fact that crappy newspaper executives are a bigger threat to journalism’s future than any changes wrought by the Internet.

Lessons for newsmedia companies from around the mobile industry                                      Readers on mobile devices are generally more time-poor, specific-reason focused, and armed with a different viewing method (a small screen) — and many are ready to go away if not instantly engaged or informed.

Apps Look To Flip Monetization Switch In ’12                                                                                       If 2011’s headline for local news apps was that outlets needed to have one, the message for 2012 is that apps can make money, too.

Daily Post to Print Sister Papers; Move to 5-Day Print Schedule                                          Southern Community Newspapers Inc., parent company of the Gwinnett Daily Post, has announced a series of initiatives designed to increase operating efficiency and enhance its reliance on the Internet as a means to disseminate news on a 24-hour basis.

Groupon Gets Location Data With Hyperpublic                                                                 Groupon announced the acquisition of Hyperpublic. The two-year-old company, helmed by Lerer Ventures general partner Jordan Cooper, is an open platform for the web’s local data.

U.S. smartphone penetration nears 50%                                                                                               U.S. smartphone penetration is nearly at the halfway mark as of January, according to the latest Nielsen data.

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