Newspapers Digital First News Summary-03/16/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news summary for the week ending 03/16/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a report on how as recently as two years ago, the idea of more than just a couple of newspapers charging for access seemed insane. See this report and more in this week’s update:

What Print Can Do To Survive In A Digital Age                                                                     Print is Dead! Long Live Print?

Android has 450K apps, 850K devices activated daily                                                 According to a statement from Google on Monday, the amount of content on the Android Market is nearing that of Apple’s App Store as it now offers over 450,000 apps, which has helped Android devices see an activation rate of 850,000 handsets a day.

Apple may charge $80 more for ‘iPad 3’ with Retina Display                                                     A document that has surfaced out of the Far East claims that Apple’s third-generation iPad will cost $80 more, starting at $579 instead of $499.

Grocery Coupon Network Adds Facebook App for Coupon Clipping Convenience        Grocery Coupon Network, the popular site that offers both online and printable coupons, tells us they are now available on Facebook.

Facebook Aims To Make Mobile Web App-Friendly                                                     Facebook initially thought if it offered to send mobile developers lots of traffic, they would bring their apps to the mobile Web. It turns out, it was more complicated.

Collaboration Key To Papers’ Future                                                                                       Local newspapers starting to navigate the murky waters of paid content need to develop a good strategy that puts content on the free side and the paid side of the wall — and perhaps come up with a better word than “paywall”.

Small Papers Follow Diverse Digital Paths                                                                               Four executives at this week’s Key Executives Mega Conference in San Antonio laid out different approaches for the newspaper industry to follow into the digital future from creating their own digital agency and social efforts to email and open source software.

Don’t Fear Paywall Plunge                                                                                                         Read what executives from the Tulsa WorldThe Ottawa Herald and the Columbia Daily Tribune — have to say about shifting content behind paywalls.

42% Of Non-Dailies Use Paywalls                                                                                            Some 42% of weekly newspapers currently put their content behind a paywall — in line with the 43% of dailies charging for content — while many of the rest expect to begin charging for digital access to their content in the near future

Is Warren Buffett right or wrong about the Washington Post’s business model?         Warren Buffett recently told CNBC that newspapers “have been giving away their product at the same time they’re selling it, and that is not a great business model.”

Weekly Publishers Optimistic About Future                                                                      Despite an unfriendly economy and changes in reader and advertiser behavior, most weekly publishers are bullish on the future of community newspapers.

Paywalls Catching on with More Newspapers                                                                             As recently as two years ago, the idea of more than just a couple of newspapers across the U.S. charging for access to their online stories seemed insane.

Seattle Times To Launch Tablet and Smartphone Editions                                                    The Seattle Times announced yesterday that it will launch tablet and smartphone editions in late April.

Apple to launch mini-Pad?                                                                                                        Apple is likely to begin production of a 7.85-inch iPad in the third quarter of this year, according to Taipei-based DigiTimes.

Profit is more important than monthly unique visitors                                                             Do publishers measure what matters for digital?  If profit is the goal, then monthly unique visitors and page views are not relevant performance indicators.

Turn subscribers into brand ambassadors                                                                                 For the last four years, thousands of Toronto Star subscribers have acted as “brand ambassadors” for the newspaper.

10 Things To Know About Location Right Now                                                                       Does It Still Matter? The Answer to This and More

The Rise Of The Super Phones                                                                                               Faster than a desktop computer! Nimbler than an iPad! It’s not a phone, it’s not a tablet. It’s super phone!

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