Newspapers Digital First News Summary-03/30/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 03/30/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a report that almost 2/3 of industry leaders from the publishing industry foresee that newspapers will end up as digital-only enterprises by 2020. See this and more in this week’s update:

How Content Is Really Shared: Close Friends, Not ‘Influencers‘                                            The Best Way to ‘Go Viral’ Is Engage Millions Who Share In Small Networks

HTML5 trumps native iPad apps for some publishers                                                         Apple boasts that it now has 200,000 native iPad apps in the iTunes App Store, but not everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon.

Mobile To Be Top Web Access Point For 1B In 2012                                                        Former AdMob executive Jason Spero, who is now Google’s head of mobile sales, took the stage earlier today at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona to offer up some new,global smartphone user survey data and 2012 predictions.

How Paywalls Affect Social Media Efforts                                                                                    As more news sites consider subscription plans, they’ll inevitably face tough questions — not just about how to implement paywalls but about how and whether paywalls will affect their social media goals.

Google’s Asus Tablet Rumoured for May Release                                                                There have already been rumours about an Asus-made Google tablet with hints from manufacturer to support them and now more evidence has emerged to suggest such a device is on its way.

10 Newspapers That Do It Right 2012                                                                                      This year, Editor & Publisher once again placed an open call for readers to submit their ideas, projects, and new ways of thinking that are helping them push through the difficult economic climate and put some dollars back in their wallets, and once again we were impressed with the results.

Press+ Opens Pay Model Data Vault                                                                                         Earlier this week, the Project on Excellence in Journalism issued a detailed digital revenue study that left out even the most basic details about the participating newspapers and paid content. Enter Press+, whose co-founders Steve Brill and Grodon Crovitz have kept quiet about detailed results of their work with publishers to create new revenue streams. No financials but here’s what they have to share about pay experiments by 285 Press+ affiliates:

Survey Finds 60% of Publishers Agree that Print Publishing’s Time is Limited           Almost two-thirds of industry leaders from the publishing industry foresee that newspapers and other print publishers will end up as digital-only enterprises by 2020.

Facebook Launches Its ‘Web Newspaper’                                                                              Facebook threw its hat into the ring of curated newsfeeds on Thursday, offering a new “Interest Lists” feature that will allow Facebook users to subscribe to interesting, topical content.

More-Interactive Display Formats See Higher Engagement, Dwell Rates                        Static banners under perform compared to newer digital formats

What do users want from tablet editions?                                                                                   Liz Schimel, chief digital officer of Meredith National Media, and Chris Wilkes, VP of the App Lab at Hearst Magazines, talk about the challenges involved with transitioning their well-known brands to tablet devices and the opportunities for attracting and engaging existing readers as well as new audiences.

Digital editions attracting new audiences, not just print readers                                                A panel of magazine executives talk about the growth opportunities of tablet publishing and the evolving workflows and business models needed to support multi-platform magazines.

Total Rev More Critical Than Digital-Only Rev                                                                          By the end of this year, figure that about 20 percent of the U.S.’s 1,400-plus dailies will be charging for digital access.

New business models must include consumer revenue growth                                                To ensure the viability of the newspaper industry we love, most of us reading this blog are urgently looking for the business model that will instigate the next great step-function of revenue growth

Shoppers Prefer Mobile Web Over Retail Apps                                                                            A report released by Nielsen Wire on Monday found that retail websites are more popular than retail apps. It also revealed that Amazon is the most visited retail site on the mobile web.

What Siri Means for the Future of Mobile Shopping                                                               Even while Siri is in the hands of relatively few consumers, Apple’s digital assistant looks to have serious potential to change how people use their smartphones.

Des Moines Register Publisher Laura Hollingsworth Embraces Changes                            One way to deal with change is to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Laura Hollingsworth knows.

The Australian Paywall Pays Off with 40,000 Digital Subscribers                                     Since launching a paywall last October, The Australian has attracted 40,000 subscribers to its digital platforms.

Freedom Communications Explores Sale of More Newspapers                                    Freedom Communications Inc. is exploring the sale of most of its 24 daily newspapers, in what would be the latest step toward dismantling the onetime newspaper-and-television powerhouse.

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