Newspapers Digital First News Summary-04/06/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 04/06/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a report how The New York Times announced Tuesday it would decrease the number of articles that can be viewed online without a paid subscription. See this and more in this week’s update:

Is Amazon the next Apple?                                                                                                   Amazon and Apple are both companies who have embraced the post-PC digital world.

U.S. Consumers The Most Likely To Pay For Content On A Tablet… Except News             As developers hunker down and get into the business of trying to work out how to get consumers to buy more of their product on mobile devices, some revealing numbers out from Nielsen on what people are willing to pay for on tablets already.

Most U.S. College Students Now Prefer Digital Reading                                                         The majority of U.S. college students now prefer digital formats whether they’re reading textbooks or “fun” books, according to a new survey from the Pearson Foundation.

Newspapers And Video: Slow And Steady Or Flood The Zone?                                            The Wall Street Journal has embraced video with gusto. The venerable paper is pumping out hours of live news clips and splashing them onto everything from the iPhone to the X-Box.

Twitter, Facebook Aren’t Moving As Much News As You Think                                       We’ve heard that social media is a great source of traffic for news outlets so often that it’s close to textbook.

New Mobile Devices Spur Greater News Reading                                                                        A mounting body of evidence finds that the spread of mobile technology is adding to news consumption in the United States. Its effects, however, are mixed.

Google Analytics Update Connects Social Marketing With The Bottom Line                           If you’ve been to a marketing conference in the past year or so, or even read an article on the subject, you’ve probably heard someone ask, “What’s the ROI on social marketing?” (Alternate version: “What’s the value of a Like or a retweet?”) That’s what the new features in Google Analytics are trying to answer.

ABC Board Focuses on Digital Reporting                                                                                    The ABC board of directors has endorsed a new report format that significantly expands how consumer magazines will report metrics for digital publications. It also reviewed plans for a broad newspaper vision built upon cross-media reporting

New York Times Raises Pay Wall                                                                                                   The pay wall system of The New York Times has been in place for a year and the newspaper announced Tuesday it would decrease the number of articles that can be viewed online without a paid subscription.

Why The Wall Street Journal Isn’t Adding Digital To Its Sunday Edition                     Common wisdom says there’s no future in print newspapers and that the rest of the country is fed up with Wall Street. But both propositions fall flat in the case of the Wall Street Journal Sunday edition.

Keys to mobile: relevant info and value exchange                                                                    For large businesses and brands trying to stay competitive, “going social” has become the new normal.

App makers using HTML5 to augment, not replace, native code                                      Mobile software developers are interested in the new kids on the mobile block — HTML5 and Windows Phone — but very few are actually turning that interest into product plans, according to the latest survey

Apple sells 3 million new iPads                                                                                                  Apple exec Phil Schiller says last week’s iPad launch was the company’s strongest ever.

Different age ranges use mobile in different ways                                                                  After speaking with more than 1,000 mobile phone consumers worldwide, Oracle recently released information about how people today use mobile devices for both shopping and commerce-related activities

All hands on deck for effective newspaper innovations                                                   Innovations don’t occur every day in the newspaper world, and there are many common mistakes people make when they’re working on them.

L.A. Times lays off staff, reader wonders whether Digital First has thinned papers          The Los Angeles Times cuts staff: “more than a dozen staffers” lost their jobs yesterday, Lucas Shaw reports.

Legacy Sales Staff Is Digital Boon                                                                                             Local legacy media are poised to make a digital leap over Internet pureplay companies buoyed by their sales and marketing resources, analyst Gordon Borrell said on Wednesday.

Amazon’s Edge Over Groupon: Its Customers                                                                  Amazon’s online catalog offers millions of everyday items for sale, but how many consumers think of visiting Amazon to buy a meal in a restaurant or a haircut at the local salon?

Apple’s iPhone tops BlackBerry in RIM’s home of Canada for first time                               Last year marked the first time ever that Apple outsold Research in Motion in its home country of Canada, as Canadians move from BlackBerry to the iPhone.

Next-gen iPhone to feature 4.6-inch Retina Display                                                                  An unverified report claims Apple has begun placing orders for a 4.6-inch Retina Display bound for the next-generation iPhone that could launch as early as “around the second quarter.”

Thank you very much for reading this week’s update.

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