Newspapers Digital First News Summary-05/04/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 05/04/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a report on how online banner ads are among the least trusted sources of commercial information, according to an important new consumer survey. See this and more in this week’s update:

Video, Social Boost US Mobile Content Consumption                                                            One-third of US population will use social networking and video on mobile devices by 2016

The future of media: Many pieces, loosely joined                                                                 Media industry analyst Ken Doctor points out in a recent post at the Nieman Journalism Lab, it is far more likely that success for media entities of all kinds will come by making smaller bets on a number of different things.

Tablet sales will nearly double this year                                                                                    The age of the tablet is definitely upon us: Gartner released its latest forecast on Tuesday, showing that by the end of 2016 there will 665 million media tablets in use worldwide.

7 in 10 local news readers wouldn’t greatly miss their hometown paper                           Pew’s latest report, a deep dive into the characteristics of people who closely follow local news, is one of those glass-half-full/half-empty situations.

6 Mobile Coupon Platforms for Merchants                                                                             When it comes to small business marketing, merchants can’t sit back and wait for customers to come to them. They have to go where the customers are, and for the 88% of U.S. adults who own cell phones, that means going mobile.

New Jersey Papers To Put Up Paywall                                                                                      The New Jersey Press Media Group — which includes the Home News Tribune, Courier News and — is beginning a new chapter in their 133-year history.

Banner ads flop in consumer-trust poll                                                                                  Online banner ads, which are the primary source of digital revenue for most publishers and broadcasters, are among the least trusted sources of commercial information, according to an important new consumer survey.

Digital Coupons Rival Print Counterparts in Effectiveness                                                     The battered US economy has driven price-conscious consumers online to do research before making a purchase, and eMarketer estimates that there will be 92.5 million online coupon users by the end of 2012.

The Frederick News-Post Resumes Monday Print Edition                                                Imagine a newspaper that is printed on broadsheet from Tuesday through Sunday but switched to tabloid for the Monday edition. Then imagine a paper that was published seven days a week for 126 years but then had to scrap Mondays due to hard times — and three years later was able to bring back the missing edition.

20% of Americans aren’t online                                                                                                   The Pew Internet Projectreleased its findings, that one in five U.S. adults simply is not on the Internet.

Newspaper readership is still making headlines                                                                       With spring comes the annual release of the NADbank readership results in Canada.

Four key drivers help grow audience, circulation                                                                      The New Zealand Herald’s audience strategy focuses on strong content, niche magazines, utilising customer data, and targeting the retail buyer.

Internet Ad Rev Hit $31B In 2011                                                                                           Total Internet ad revenue was up 22% over 2010, with mobile and digital video as the fastest growing categories, according to the latest report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers released today.

The 99% rule and pay walls                                                                                                      When publishers put up paywalls they inevitably encounter what is not so flatteringly referred to as the 99% rule. This rule postulates that 99% of the readers who hit a publisher’s paywall are going to bounce out of the site, immediately.

NYT digital ad revenues dip; digital subs rise                                                                           The New York Times Co. raised eyebrows among media watchers this morning when it announced that online ad revenue had slid from a year ago.

Managing the digital audience                                                                                                Managing a digital audience is truly a mixed bag: on one hand, it is now possible to understand more about who is consuming what content, where, how and maybe even why; on the other hand, it can be incredibly complicated, despite all the advantages, to do so

5 leadership roles for a ‘digital first’ strategy                                                                               As the ‘digital first’ mindset gains momentum across the publishing industry, media companies continue to alter their organizational structures to accommodate new digital roles and responsibilities.

How Tweets Helped Ala. Paper Win Pulitzer                                                                         When the Pulitzer Prize Board announced last year it would emphasize real-time reporting for the Breaking News category starting in 2012, some speculated whether we would someday see a Pulitzer Prize for tweeting. As it turns out, this year’s winner came pretty close.

Tablets Outpace PCs For TV Watching                                                                                  People who own tablets watch more full-length TV programming on their devices than their computers, finds a new study by Viacom.

In Jacksonville, Digital Creates Unique Allies                                                                           The battle lines between the major digital media players are drawn a bit differently in Jacksonville.

Thanks for reading this week’s edition.

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