Newspapers Digital First News Summary-05/25/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 05/25/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a report on how Gannett has redesigned their business model to maximise efficiency   See this and more in this week’s update:

The Des Moines Register Publisher Announces Subscription Plan Changes                         For 163 years and tens of thousands of editions, The Des Moines Register has delivered the news that Iowa depends upon.

Smartphone users spending more time on Facebook                                                                   A new comScore study shows that the average U.S. Facebook mobile user spent more than seven hours perusing the site via cell phone in March – surpassing time spent on Facebook via computer. Other social networks also did well via mobile.

Home Is Where the Tablet Is                                                                                                      Just over one-third of tablet owners likely to use devices in-store

Does a digital-first mindset expedite our current woes?                                                          Far too many newspapers have gutted their traditional products very deeply in a quest to free up money for their digital escapades.

“Who Needs Newspapers?” It’s fewer people than publishers seem to believe                     In the April/May issue of AJR, academics Paul Steinle and Sara Brown report on their travels to 50 newspapers in 50 states to find out what was happening in newspapers big and small, from The Seattle Times to the 12,000-circulation Daily Republic in Mitchell, S.D.

The Race To Build The Instagram Of Video                                                                    Facebook Inc.‘s $1 billion acquisition of photo-sharing start-up Instagram has shifted the spotlight to the newest phenomena in mobile apps: uploading personal videos from smartphones

New App Puts Newspaper Ads On Facebook                                                                              Ad Supercharger delivers newspaper display ads by email each morning, and also makes newspaper ads sharable on social media sites, allowing readers to share ads with friends on Twitter and Facebook, or print ads on their home printer.

At Risk: The Best Newspaper Ad Buyers                                                                        Following the collapse of the national and classified categories in the last six years, the most faithful remaining customers for newspapers today are the local retailers who purchased fully half of the $23.9 billion in advertising sold by the industry in 2011.

Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps                                                                                                 The future of media on mobile devices isn’t with applications but with the Web.

Newspapers Still Have Value In Digital Age                                                                               We don’t realize how much news media has changed in the past fifteen years. We really don’t.

Just 10% of UK Consumers Willing to Pay for Online Content                                              Just 10% of UK consumers are willing to pay for content online, according to new research from the IAB and ValueClick, indicating the hurdles still facing content producers looking to monetise on the internet.

Postal Service Losses of $3.2 Billion in Q2                                                                                 The Postal Service ended its second quarter (Jan. 1 – March 31) with a net loss of $3.2 billion, compared to a net loss of $2.2 billion for the same period last year.

Digital First Readies Community Newsrooms                                                                      Digital First Media announced this week that it will launch 12 new community newsroom projects, as it continues to seek ways to more effectively engage and involve its local readers.

Papers Offering More And Better Video News                                                                          Not to rouse the green-eyed monster or anything, but, as far as videographer jobs go, Anne Herbst has a pretty sweet one.

iPad advertising: pockets of innovation                                                                                Interactive in-app advertising continues to lag in most tablet editions. From the outside, it seems that more experimentation should be taking place.

Kindle Fire tablet demand drops                                                                                               Once hailed as the first true rival to the iPad, Amazon’s Kindle Fire no longer seems to be much of a threat to Apple’s tablet.

Gannett redesigns business model to maximise efficiency                                              Gannett is the largest newspaper group in the United States, yet two years ago, the company decided it was not the world-class media player it wanted to — and could — be.

Canada’s Globe And Mail To Erect Paywall                                                                      Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper has announced plans for an online paywall to generate extra revenue and has also asked staff to take unpaid leave amid an ongoing slide in advertising income.

Next-gen iPhone design in limbo, October launch date remains likely                       According to a new report, Apple engineers have yet to finalize the design of the next-generation iPhone which could account for the disparity of rumors currently circulating about larger screen sizes and a Liquidmetal caseback.

Groupon’s Mobile Transactions Rise 30%                                                                         Groupon re-affirms what many of us believe and have been either reading or writing about, and that is that smart device transactions continue to rise.

Here Come Daily Deals from Foursquare!                                                                          Mobile-heavy check-in app Foursquare is looking to created new revenue streams, and the company is choosing daily deals as part of its plan.

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