Newspapers Digital First News Summary-06/15/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 06/15/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a  Chart That Explains Media’s Addiction To Print. See this and more in this week’s update:

 Apple CEO Tim Cook says the iPad is ‘just in the first inning’                                                  In a rare interview, the Apple CEO took to the stage Wednesday night to kick off the annual D conference. In a wide-ranging interview, Cook answered a number of questions about the iPad and competition from Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Why we need to blow the article up in order to save it                                                         Many media outlets — and not just traditional players like newspapers or magazines, but even some newer and more digital-savvy ones — still think of the article or the story as the bedrock foundation of news and journalism.

Digital News Pioneer Michael Bloomberg Reads 8 Newspapers a Day                                 New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who made billions of dollars as the founder of the disruptive digital news and data service that bears his name, prefers to get his news the old-fashioned way: On dead trees.

Newspaper Revs Sink 6.9%, Auto Ads Brake                                                                            The latest figures for the newspaper industry are in, and they show no evidence of a rebound or even stabilization in advertising revenues.

USA Today’s Larry Kramer: “We Have to Give You Reasons to Buy It”                        Thirty years ago, USA Today revolutionized newspapers with color, infographics and concise stories; whether competitors liked it or not, publisher Gannett was beyond cutting edge for launching it.

Chicago Sun-Times Shuffles Newsroom, Stresses Digital Moves                                           The Chicago Sun-Times Wednesday announced the appointment of a new managing editor and a reorganization of newsroom personnel as it shifts its emphasis to digital news distribution.

Facebook Users Interact with Brand Content Over Ads                                                  Facebook is now a public company, and its revenue and advertising plans are under significant scrutiny. However, users are more likely to interact with branded content on the site, not advertising, which may be an obstacle for the social network down the road.

Is Pinterest Really Leading to Product Purchases?                                                           Thirty-two percent of surveyed consumers have made a purchase after seeing an image on a social image-sharing site

Digital magazine readership up 24%                                                                                         Even as print readership declined incrementally across most of the top magazine titles in the last six months, the reach of digital versions on tablets, e-books and smartphones was up 24%, according to the latest research from GfK MRI.

Paywalls expand across major news publishers                                                                        The Chicago Tribune’s plans to charge readers for some of its online content, along with McClatchy’s announcement last week that it will expand its paywall testing to four more sites, are further proof that a majority of large newspaper companies now believe in some form of paid online content.

Google data offers ad insights to publishers                                                                         Google introduced publisher metrics and benchmark data identifying trends in display advertising. The Publisher Edition is the first in a series of publications looking at aggregate global data collected from across the company’s display advertising products. The goal is to provide insight into real-time bidding, mobile, video and display.

Daily deal sites must evolve or die                                                                                       Today’s daily deal sites are experimenting with every variation and vertical for their offerings. They know that not only is disruption on the horizon, but their own expiration date is as well. And it won’t be a new entrant that ends them; instead it will likely be a very familiar brand: Google, PayPal, Square, or one of the other numerous payment services companies.

Paywalls Could Alter Face Of Tucson Media                                                                            Paid content models figure to play a big role in the Arizona city in the coming months. Lee Enterprises’ Arizona Daily Star is preparing to roll out a paywall soon as part of a company-wide initiative, while Gannett-owned remnant — which aggregates news from the company’s other papers — is not expected to create a backdoor around that company’s own paywall efforts.

The newsonomics of majority reader revenue                                                            Advertising once paid the bills at American newspapers. As that shifts — rapidly — how will it change the way news companies operate?

Microsoft will launch Office for iPad on 10th November                                                    Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily iPad magazine continues in its quest to find out when Microsoft Office for iPad will launch, and now says that the app will hit the App Store on November 10, 2012.

Twitter Is Better Ad Platform Than Facebook                                                                        Now that Twitter is six years old and has 140M+ active users, creating over one billion Tweets every three days, the platform is more important than ever before.

Google Exec Says Media Companies. Must Change                                                                          Media companies of the future must operate using a different business model that addresses the endless waves of disruptive new technology and staggering competition, said Krishna Bharat, creator of Google News and now Principle Scientist at Google

Chart Explains Media’s Addiction To Print                                                                                The past few weeks have seen some fairly dramatic moves by newspaper chains in both the U.S. and Canada, who have chosen to stop printing their papers on certain days in an attempt to save money.

The Wall Street Journal “cannot generate enough video streams” to meet advertising demand                                                                                                                                           The Wall Street Journal announced this morning the launch of a new early-morning show, Asia Today, which will broadcast weekdays at 6:30 a.m. (Eastern), with a focus on business, finance, and breaking news in the region.

Journalism: The best of times, and the worst of times                                                        There are plenty of people ready to give their opinions about where the traditional media business is going, and how the disruption caused by digital and social media should be handled — but not all of them have a grasp of what is involved in those wrenching changes, and so their advice often tends to be one-sided.

Thanks for reading this week’s update!


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