Newspapers Digital First News Summary-06/29/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 06/29/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a story on how the  Star Tribune’s consumer-driven strategy is now bringing in 42% of revenue”  See this and more in this week’s update.

“Affluent Shoppers Cutting Back”                                                                                          Adults on the upper-end of the spending scale are beginning to feel financially squeezed. This group used to spend indiscriminately, but is now selectively making large purchases.

Got a digital product plan?                                                                                                          With Main Street merchants diverting ever more spending away from traditional advertising to the online, mobile and social media, newspapers seeking a healthy share of local marketing dollars need to be selling way more than banner ads.

Internet Ad Revenue is Growing, but Growth Rate is Slowing                                              The Interactive Advertising Bureau is out today with a report on the “record” Internet advertising revenues for the first quarter for 2012 but, despite the double-digit year-over-year increase, it appears that growth is actually slowing down.

Apple’s Siri Expands Voice Search To Cars, iPad                                                                  Apple will integrate Siri voice search with several car manufacturers. Drivers will be able to press a button in the steering wheel to bring up Siri and activate functions through audio commands.

Aaron Kushner and 2100 Trust Agree to Buy Orange County Register and Six Other Papers A Wellesley businessman and his partners have agreed to purchase the remaining newspapers of Freedom Communications Inc., an Irvine, Calif., company that owns the Orange County Register and six other western newspapers.

Smart Device Screen Size Has Little Effect on Clickthroughs                                              When offered a choice of device, those seeking to browse the internet while on the go are likely to choose tablets over smartphones due to the larger screens offered by the former. But devices with larger screens do not necessarily result in a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) on ads

Tablet prices are tumbling                                                                                                          IMS Research says that the average selling price of a tablet PC has dropped 21% in the first three months of the year. The research firm estimates that the average tablet now costs $386, and attributes the falling price of Apple’s iPad 2 as one of the reasons for the trend.

“50/50: Star Tribune consumer-driven strategy brings in 42% of revenue”                      The Star Tribune in Minneapolis has seen 24 months of consistent circulation growth. Subscriber revenues across print and digital platforms seem to be on their way to meeting the company’s goal of a 50% consumer/50% advertising revenue share.

How iOS 6 Moves the iPad Forward                                                                                         With iOS 6, Apple has taken another step forward in advancing the iPad not only as a robust and functional tablet but a full-blown computing platform

Media Companies Poised For Deals Growth                                                                           Media companies are taking less than 10% of the deals market but are well positioned to be pulling in much more and take on Groupon and Living Social, the big pureplays currently dominating the deals arena.

Why traditional media should be afraid of Twitter                                                                     As we’ve mentioned a number of times, Twitter has been gradually tip-toeing further and further into the media business for some time now.

Will Papers Be Saved By Changing Web Ads?                                                                        Local advertisers in New Orleans are not happy about the recent announcement from New York-based Advance Publications that The Crescent City’s daily newspaper, one of the oldest in the nation, will be printed just three days a week starting this fall.

Detroit Free Press To Cut Newsroom Staff                                                                               The Detroit Free Press plans to sizably reduce its staff of reporters, and one of its top editors is leaving, Editor and Publisher Paul Anger told trepidation newspaper employees today.

Thanks to Microsoft, Windows 8 tablets will start from $500                                        Concern over the price of Windows 8 tablets continues to worry those in the IT industry, no more so now that one source has claimed Microsoft will charge $85 to manufacturers licensing Windows RT.

Magazines to Halt Revenue Declines This Year, Forecast Says                                  Consumer magazines in the United States will put an end to four years of overall revenue declines in 2012, a new report projected.

Microsoft Files Patent to Serve Ads Based on Mood, Body Language                         Microsoft has filed for a patent for technology to target ads to consumers based on their emotional states, taking the notion of “tracking” to a literal level.

Twitter’s role in delivering media grows with expanded Tweets                                    Twitter announced today that it will partner with a variety of online media companies to provide an enhanced version of “expanded Tweets,”

“Facebook to Let Advertisers Bid on Ads Using Your Browser Data”                                   For a company less than ten years old, Facebook has developed some surprisingly sophisticated ways to sell your information to advertisers.

Detroit | The worst-kept secret of December 2008                                                                There’s a bit of revisionist history telling by a Gannett executive in Adrienne LaFrance’s new story for Nieman Journalism Lab about Detroit’s historic switch two three-day-a-week delivery in 2008.

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