Newspapers Digital First News Summary-07/06/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 07/06/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a story on What rapid changes in U.S. newspapers in past 30 days mean to us all. See this and more in this week’s update.

Windows 8 looks to shake up the tablet market                                                             Microsoft is in a high stakes battle with Apple again, but instead of Apple being the underdog it’s been on the desktop side for decades, now it’s Microsoft trying to unseat a most dominant incumbent.

After many false starts, QR codes are finally taking off                                                          Last year Kellogg’s realised it could make its packets more entertaining—and guessed that people also had their phones to hand (anything beats talking to the family). The cornflake-maker put 2D codes, better known as QR (for quick response) codes, on its Crunchy Nut boxes in America.

Tablet Shopping Growing, but Retailers Must Keep Up                                                           For millions of Americans the tablet is their personal, no-pressure salesperson.

Apple, Time Inc. Solve Their Subscription Squabble                                                            Apple and Time Inc. have settled their differences: The giant publisher is now selling subscriptions to its iPad magazines directly from the apps themselves.

Why Newspapers Were Doomed All Along                                                                              After Tuesday, when News management told 60% of its editorial staffers, including several old friends of mine, that they were being fired, I think I can finally and conclusively forget about that little dream.

Publishers’ Dilemma: Join Google Or Fight It                                                                             As Google tries to assemble its advertising programs into a coherent package, publishers are facing a familiar dilemma: join up with Goliath or compete against it.

The hard truth: Newspaper monopolies are gone forever                                                         As newspaper companies like Advance Publications attempt to wean themselves away from a reliance on print — a transition that almost every mainstream publisher will likely have to emulate at some point — the full implications of this disruption are starting to become obvious.

How Much Was The OC Register Sold For?                                                                                On Monday, Boston greeting card mini-mogul Aaron Kushner, along with a group of investors, announced the acquisition of the remaining assets of Freedom Communications, whose flagship media property is the Orange County Register.

Verizon Exec: Mobile Will Save Retail                                                                                   Mobile offers opportunities for brands and merchants to deliver contextual services that can delight customers, according the members of a panel discussion at the MMA Forum on Wednesday.

Warren Buffett’s Buffalo News to erect paywall                                                             “Trusted, credible and enterprising news gathering by 140 professional journalists doesn’t come cheap, nor should it,” Buffalo News Editor Margaret Sullivan writes in announcing a digital subscription plan coming this fall.

Garrison Keillor: A city without a daily paper ‘is an office park with some malls’                    The Newhouse family is making a mistake, but a great American city suffers. Instead of gutting the T-P they should make it a paper worthy of New Orleans.

Yep, it’s a tablet: Microsoft introduces the Surface                                                        Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer took the stage at a small Hollywood production facility, Milk Studios, to introduce the new product, which the company hopes can cut into the dominant tablet-market position currently enjoyed by Apple’s iPad.

Google tablet will be called the Nexus 7, may feature hi-res display                             Google’s first own-brand tablet looks set to debut at Google’s I/O developer conference later this month, with new reports today suggesting the 7-inch device will be called the Asus Nexus 7

Online Publishers Association Study Reveals Attitudes of Today’s Tablet User                 The Online Publishers Association (OPA) has released “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User – Wave II,” a study unveiling a range of trends on the attitudes and behaviors of tablet users.

Economist: Digital-Only Subscriptions Up More Than 50%                                                   The Economist’s digital-only paid circulation grew by more than 50 per cent in the last financial year, according to its annual report.

The New York Post Bumps Price to $1                                                                                         The Post will bump its weekday newsstand price from 75 cents to a dollar, a subscription services representative with the company confirms. The Saturday newsstand price will increase to $1.25, while the Sunday edition jumps to $1.50.

Nielsen testing tablet metrics system                                                                                  Nielsen has developed a measurement system to capture iPad and other tablet usage that is being tested by large media companies.

Social data: A big problem for publishers                                                                                Social shares comprise an important new data source for publishers. But as publishers turn to social insights to optimize content and fuel site revenue, they run into a big problem.

What rapid changes in U.S. newspapers in past 30 days mean to us all                               The United States newspaper industry has been re-made so rapidly in the past 30 days that it is difficult to make sense of it all.

Newspaper Work, With Buffett As Boss                                                                                   Over the years, newspaper owners have built monuments to themselves in the form of giant buildings, statues and plaques commemorating their roles in their communities and the country at large.

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