Newspapers Digital First News Summary-07/27/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 07/27/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a story on Building the Great Newspaper Paywall  . See this and more in this week’s update.

Rim Stock Falls to Record Low                                                                                       Blackberry maker Research in Motion (RIM) saw their stock fall to a nine-year low Friday.

The digital game plan: Is anyone doing it right?                                                                   Those that rush to the digital-first (or only) corner might be on a fool’s errand. On the other hand, those excluding a healthy dose of digital are playing Russian roulette with the devil.

IE holds browser lead; Chrome gains                                                                                 Internet Explorer has been facing growing competition from rival browsers, but it’s still the leader with more than 50 percent of the market, according to Net Applications.

Making a Case for HTML5 Investment                                                                              HTML5 promises to get publishers closer to digital media’s Promised Land: create once, deliver everywhere. As deployments increase and the standard evolves, media companies are finding it easier to make a business case for HTML5 investment.

Sun-Times Media Adds DTI Circulation to the Cloud                                                         Digital Technology International (DTI) has signed an agreement with Sun-Times Media, a Wrapports company, to deploy a new circulation and audience engagement solution via DTI Cloud, the company’s award-winning cloud environment.

Mobile Is Where The Growth Is                                                                                              There is a significant shift going on this year, much more significant than we saw last year, from web to mobile. It is most noticeable in games, social networking, music, and news, but it is happening across the board and it presents both great opportunity and great challenges.

With “Connected Apps,” Foursquare Firms Its Position As The Social Network For Places The timing was horrendous – right in the middle of Google I/O – but location-based social network Foursquare announced a major change to its mobile platform this week which shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Halifax to add paywalls                                                                                                  Newspapers owned by Halifax Media Group will introduce paywalls across its papers beginning this fall as the publisher broadens its operations.

Bloomberg: Smaller iPad to launch by year’s end                                                                  Amid the flurry of rumors surrounding a possible smaller format iPad release, Bloomberg on Tuesday claimed inside knowledge of Apple plans to roll out the device by the end of 2012

Bill Gates: There is ‘a strong possibility’ Apple needs a Surface-like device                    During a PBS interview on Monday night Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that Surface may prompt Apple to shift its iPad strategy in order to compete with the capabilities offered by the upcoming Windows 8 tablet.

Why You Should Embrace Twitter Lurkers                                                                          Please do not unfollow Twitter followers who are inactive, no matter how long it’s been. There are many lurkers, searchers and readers who may never tweet, but still have a great deal of value.

The newsonomics of the only metric that matters                                                                 Amid the big news of the News Corp. split, The New York Times announced its deal with Flipboard. Then, the next day, The Wall Street Journal reported its own deal with Pulse. It looked like Tablet Aggregator Wars, with the two big head-to-head print national news companies going head to head. Exec: Hiring Is Not To Kill Papers                                                                                    A Facebook post from the newly hired chief content officer at seeking new hires raised some eyebrows last week.

The next big thing to watch in mobile: big data                                                                      Take advantage of data about users, like Google and Facebook do.

Facebook, GM Seek Solution To Ad Fallout                                                                            After a public falling out in May, General Motors and Facebook may be ready to patch things up.

Video: What works in paid content                                                                                                At our recent paidContent 2012conference, paywall experts Rob Grimshaw, Managing Director, and Tomas Bella, CEO, Piano Media sat down with Robert Andrews to discuss not just the future of online content payments, but also how to most effectively price your content when there are free alternatives elsewhere.

Sports Fans Go Digital to Get Their Post-Game Fix                                                             Much as radio and TV transformed the sports fan experience when they came along, digital technology is doing so today.

“Bad News: U.S. Newspapers Receive Poor Forecast”                                                            The long-term decline in newspaper advertising revenues will continue unabated in coming years, according to the latest round of ad spending forecasts

Building the Great Newspaper Paywall                                                                                      The beleaguered newspaper industry has finally settled on a digital revenue strategy—the metered paywall—and now everyone’s pitching in to get it built.

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