Newspapers Digital First News Summary-08/03/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 08/03/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a story on how “The Fissures Are Growing for Papers” . See this and more in this week’s update.

Latest Benchmarks Prove Email Still an Effective Marketing Channel                              Email may be one of the oldest online marketing tactics, but it is also one of the top performing.

Kindle Fire 2 on fast track                                                                                                          With Google’s Nexus 7 tablet set for a July release, Amazon is fast-tracking the production of its next-generation Kindle Fire.

Digital circulation: Beyond Paywalls 1.0                                                                               Recent partnerships between the NYT and Flipboard and the WSJ and Pulse represent a maturation in digital circulation thinking. We’re moving beyond Paywalls 1.0, to a more nuanced world of digital circulation.

The Detroit Free Press Isn’t Closing, But A Major Change Is Afoot                                          A visit to the Detroit Free Press last week by a handful Gannett corporate executives prompted the latest round of existential newspaper angst within the walls at 615 West Lafayette Boulevard.

Chicago Tribune Clocks Up 22K Digital Signups In Three Days                                             The Chicago Tribune clocked up 22,000 digital signups over the weekend, following the launch of the redesigned website, according to Time Out Chicago’s media blog. 

How Weather Channel Uses Foursquare Apps                                                                         The Weather Channel (TWC) continues to be at the forefront of social media innovations. The TV brand relaunched their website in honor of their 30th birthday and updated their apps with a focus on photos

The New York Times’ Rise in Circulation Revenue                                                                      It has been a tough few years for the newspaper industry, but The New YorkTimes Company (NYT) is expected to see earnings growth in 2012. 

Newspapers’ Independence Threatened By New Owners                                                   While Rupert Murdoch may be distancing himself from his newspaper properties to avoid charges of undue political influence, the general trend is actually heading in the opposite direction.

“The Fissures Are Growing for Papers”                                                                                 There have been cracks in publishing operations that are both hilarious and terrifying.

Smartphones remain favorite mobile news source among young adults                        Tablets like the iPad, while still outnumbered by smartphones, are emerging as the favored mobile devices for news consumers who were traditional print readers and have a willingness to pay for content.

Paywalls now affect one-third of daily newspaper readers                                                  Peter C. Beller combined News & Tech’s list of newspapers that charge for online access with circulation figures to get a bird’s-eye view of which newspapers are building paywalls

New wave of tablet devices could accelerate news-reading trend                                         The class of semi-portable, two-hands-required, touch-screen devices we generically refer to as “tablets” really contains two distinct species.

How the digital divide developed in New Orleans & what that means for the future of news there Come September when changes at The Times-Picayune take effect, not only will New Orleans become the largest city without a daily newspaper, its residents will likely become some of the most disconnected in the country.

5 Ways Brands Use Pinterest To Connect                                                                                   No one cares about your products and services in and of themselves; they just want their problems solved. Pinterest allows you to become that resource. Added bonus? Cupcakes.

Young tablet owners more willing to pay for news                                                              Paying for online news is still a minority sport – but participation may be growing thanks to tablet computers.

“Is the paperless office possible?”                                                                                           Please think about this article before you print it, for reasons which will hopefully be clearer by the time you get to the end.

“Steve Ballmer vows Microsoft will do battle with Apple”                                                   Fresh from announcing the latest news on Windows 8 at a Microsoft conference in Toronto earlier this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told reporters how the firm won’t be leaving ‘any space uncovered to Apple’.

Postmedia loss grows as print ad sales fall                                                                     Postmedia Network, which publishes Canada’s largest chain of newspapers, reported a bigger quarterly loss on Tuesday as its print advertising revenues dropped.

John Paton Defends Times-Picayune Owners                                                                            An old and distinguished business in New Orleans has seen more than half of its revenue disappear in five years and has decided to change how it conducts business – before it goes out of business. 

New Orleans Notables Urge Times-Picayune Owners To Sell Newspaper                              A who’s who of New Orleans, including Archbishop Gregory Aymond, former New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning, jazz artist Wynton Marsalis and “Treme” star Wendell Pierce, has asked 22 members of the Newhouse family to sell The Times-Picayune, which will move to three-day-a-week publication this fall.

Germans Buck Trend With Love Of Newspapers                                                                    The news: Americans love to publicly debate it, British people hardly ever pay for it online and Germans prefer to get theirs through more traditional means, according to a survey about media consumption 

Reflections of a Newsosaur: What’s next for newspapers?                                                      Not so very long ago, the newspaper business was a snap:  Build the largest possible audience, sell the most possible ads, charge the highest possible rates, print the fattest possible papers and pump out the biggest possible profits.  

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