Newspapers Digital First News Summary-08/17/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 08/17/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a story on Newspaper survival strategies, and the price of change in New Orleans. See this and more in this week’s update.

Guardian’s ‘Digital-First’ Means More Losses, More Lay-Offs                                    Guardian News & Media is re-opening its voluntary redundancy program after its “digital-first” survival strategy‘s first year resulted in much higher company losses.

The question newspapers need to ask: Where’s the growth?                                               “The only easy day was yesterday.” When an industry loses half of its revenue in six years, as is the case with newspapers, the motto of the elite U.S. Navy Seals certainly applies.

Free “Crazy 4 Coupons” sessions help grow Sacramento Bee’s circulation             Partnership with community sites help take this free, educational programme deep into the local community, engaging readers in difficult economic times.

Report: Mobile Search To Hit $15B In 2017                                                                       Juniper Research issued a new forecast Wednesday projecting revenue from mobile search and discovery will nearly triple to $15 billion worldwide in five years.

Papers Strong On Twitter, TV On FB                                                                                            A recent report from Frank N. Magid Associates and the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism found that newspapers tend to favor Twitter, while TV stations lean toward Facebook when interacting with their audiences online.

What Inspired The Creation Of Foursquare?                                                                      Dennis Crowley is the reason people “check in” today. He’s the reason you can actually write check in without quotes. Crowley went from an aimless tech startup refugee to the Mayor of all Foursquare, the little app that’s changed geography.

“Twitter rolls out targeted tweetsMarketers can now send tweets to specific subsets of consumers.” Twitter today rolled out an enhancement to its Promoted Tweets paid ad service that enables marketers to target a subset of consumers.

Foursquare to Let Brands Talk to Users Who’ve Checked In Most                         Foursquare will start letting businesses capitalize on the enthusiasm of customers who’ve checked in repeatedly by rolling out a way to message them, starting today.

Could the iPad save magazines?                                                                                           Though it may have gathered the most attention recently, Huffington, The Huffington Post’s new iPad-only magazine, isn’t the only publication making a serious tablet push these days.

How to worry about a clicks-driven Times-Picayune                                                                  If clicks drove coverage at The Times-Picayune in New Orleans —a more realistic prospect than it’s ever been—what kind of publication would we get? We can look at past traffic and get a rough answer. 

College Newspapers Go Digital-First, Innovate To Stay Relevant                                        This fall, the University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald — a print publication for more than 90 years — will ditch the daily for digital, publish a twice-weekly magazine, and launch a mini-tech start-up called The Garage. 

University of Florida Plans to Remove Newspaper Racks, Charge for Space in New Ones The University of Florida’s independent student newspaper is protesting a change in distribution policy that it believes could have a detrimental effect on readership and First Amendment freedom. 

Digital First Media adds curation team                                                                                  Digital First Media is creating a national curation team as part of its centralized news operation. That operation, called Thunderdome, will be produced by Digital First’s MediaNews Group and Journal Register Company.

Instagram and the future of media                                                                                 Instagram gets a lot of criticism from people who believe that the ease with which amateur photographers can post photos to the service, and the special effects filters Instagram provides, are ruining photography. Sounds like the same arguments people have made about blogging, citizen journalism and Twitter

4 new tools to help monetize your content                                                                                  We hear a lot about how publishers’ new economic models require a lot “digital dimes” to compensate for the traditional dollars they used to rake in through print.

The Associated Press introduces a new…print product for members                                      At a time when “digital first” is the slogan du jour in newspaper corner offices, the Associated Press is offering its subscribers a product — one that’s meant to be printed out, ink-on-paper style.

Newspaper survival strategies, and the price of change in New Orleans                       Several wide-ranging strategies in the newspaper industry have been making headlines lately (Newhouse’s draconian cuts in New Orleans, Warren Buffett’s aggressive newspaper purchases

The newsonomics of good news about news                                                                               It’s easy to focus on all the bad news about the news business. But there are some reasons for optimism poking through the clouds.

Newspaper carriers victims of crime as they make the rounds                                                  A newspaper carrier’s exceptional customer service may be the reason that she was carjacked Wednesday in Arlington, Va. The 73-year-old woman had gotten out of her car at 4:30 a.m. (I’ll give you a second to absorb two of those facts) to put a paper on a customer’s doorstep when two men drove up and demanded her car

Media General reports income increase, net loss in second quarter                           Operating income was up 164 percent at Media General in its second quarter, the company announced today. It attributed the rise to political advertising and retransmission fees, which were up 80 percent. 

Chicago Tribune decides to stick with Journatic                                                                    Many media companies like Chicago Tribune are committed to providing this important content, but have been increasingly challenged to do so in an economically sustainable way.

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