Newspapers Digital First News Summary-08/31/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 08/31/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a story on how McClatchy Plans To Expand Paywall Efforts . See this and more in this week’s update.

Facebook sees clear path to mobile revenue                                                                   Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company is dedicated to better monetizing an explosion in mobile usage.

Indy | Add Star building to list of site sales                                                                               The Indianapolis Star has occupied its downtown site for more than 100 years, a complex of two connected six-story and four-story buildings with 190,000 square feet of space, plus a seven-story parking garage with about 500 spaces.

New York Times Drops BlackBerry App                                                                                  New York Times Co, which publishes the prestigious newspaper, said it stopped supporting its applications for BlackBerry and the Palm Pre as of Monday, meaning the apps will no longer download news stories.

McClatchy Plans To Expand Paywall Efforts                                                                            The newspaper publisher announced in its second-quarter earnings report that it will roll out metered paywalls in five markets in the third quarter and expand the model into its other markets in the fourth quarter.

Why Groupon May Surprise The Bears                                                                                     The coverage on Groupon is largely negative. Many questions have been raised – from the fundamental survival, to accounting problems to prognostications of bankruptcy. 

What Media Could Learn From BuzzFeed                                                                              While many still associate BuzzFeed with photo galleries of kittens and other web ephemera, the network has grown into a substantial digital-media entity, and an internal memo from founder Jonah Peretti has some lessons that other media outlets would be wise to pay attention to.

The newsonomics of Amazon vs. Main Street                                                                           The online retail giant’s shift into same-day delivery will change local retail. Will it also change local news?

Post-Dispatch lays off 13 in newsroom                                                                                     Staff at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch received a short email from Editor Gilbert Bailon midday Friday.

Amid ad worries, publishers re-balance digital models                                                  Company filings from media companies suggest economic worries have resurfaced the downturn in the free web’s engine oil – advertising.

Desire for customer intimacy clouds expectations for social media                                        It’s all about audience, right? Whether you’re a news media company, a business, or an association like INMA, the focus is on growing total audience and customer base.

MediaPost Publications Slowed Economy Impacts Ad Growth                                      Another worrisome sign for Adland emerged Friday as the U.S. Commerce Department reported that the economy grew at a rate of just 1.5% in the second quarter, down one-half of a percentage point from the first quarter, when Gross Domestic Product grew 2%.

Why social media roles in newsrooms shouldn’t just be for ‘young people’                       Social media has opened a new door of career opportunities for media professionals, many of which have been snapped up by tech-savvy young journalists.

“CEOs allergic to social networks”                                                                                         What’s more surprising — how few CEOs use social media (only 7.6% use Facebook, 4% Twitter and 1% Google+, according to, or predictions of how quickly the number that do is set to rise?

“50.7% of Consumers Would Trade Location Privacy for Discounts”                                 More than half of consumers would happily exchange their privacy for discounts, according to a Street Fight poll conducted this month.

Facebook: 85% of Our Users Are Creating Content                                                                   As of yesterday, Facebook claimed 955 million monthly active users, that is, people who have either visited the social network through its website or mobile site or clicked one of those ubiquitous share buttons distributed on countless third-party sites, like

Still Without a Team in Place, Project Thunderdome Gets a Surprise Test Drive               Not only are news organizations actually hiring these days, they’re looking to fill new positions. You could, for example, apply to become the first ever SWAT Leader at Project Thunderdome. 

Conrad Black Says He Sees Investment Potential In Canadian Newspapers                   There is a great premium to be placed on the editorial function and on the goodwill of a famous trademark like a respected newspaper,” Black told the Huffington Post Canada during an editorial board meeting

Microsoft Will Launch The Surface Tablets and Windows 8 On October 26                        The next version of our operating system, Windows 8, will be generally available on October 26, 2012. At that time, Microsoft will begin selling the Surface, a series of Microsoft-designed and manufactured hardware devices,” said Microsoft in its annual report.

Google Plus Followers Up 54% Since May                                                                                 The number of people following the top 100 brands in the Google+ social network rose 54% to 12 million in the past two months, according to a study released Tuesday.

25% Of E-Commerce Could Be Mobile By 2017                                                                       Just about every aspect of desktop migration to devices is accelerating to a pace that many of us couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. ABI Research is now projecting that by the close of 2017, 24.4% of e-commerce will be m-commerce.

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