Newspapers Digital First News Summary-09/07/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 09/14/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a discussion on Crossing The Newspaper Chasm: Is It Better To Be Funded By Readers?  See this and more in this week’s update.

iPad 2 Still Going Strong: Makes Up 60 Percent Of iPad Web Traffic In U.S.                         Is it a sign that people are holding back on upgrading to the new iPad? Or a measure of the success the discounted iPad 2 is seeing here in the U.S.? Schools purchasing iPads were a key driver of Apple’s record-breaking iPad sales last quarter.

83 Million Facebook Accounts are Fakes and Dupes                                                                    If you’re using a fake name on your Facebook account, maintaining a personal profile for your beloved pet or have a second profile you use just for logging in to other sites, you have one of the 83.09 million fake accounts Facebook wants to disable. 

Newspaper’s Former Home Eyed for 100-room Hotel                                                           Two developers plan to transform the former Portland Press Herald building into a 100-room boutique hotel.

Will Mobile Ads Make a Mark for Facebook?                                                                          With billions of users—and billions in ad revenues—Facebook’s eye is turning toward mobile, where ads have begun to roll out to the newsfeed.

Washington Post Digital Rev Rises 8% In Q2                                                                            The Washington Post Co. today reported a revenue drop of 5% for the second quarter of 2012, primarily due to revenue declines at the company’s newspaper and education divisions.

Newhouse: We Need To Embrace Digital                                                                                 Four years ago, Advance Publications, which operates newspapers and websites in more than 25 cities, began looking at different approaches to building a viable future for our local newspapers and websites.

iPhones reach more news audience than Android phones by every measure             Although a greater percentage of people own Android smartphones, those who own Apple iPhones are the most attractive audience for news publishers, according to new research from Roger Fidler at the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Location-Aware Games Are Engaging Consumers — And Marketers                        According to a new research by, more than $12 billion was generated by mobile gaming in 2011 with 34% of the top grossing apps in the app store leveraging a freemium model

Use QR Codes with Direct Mail to Increase Online Subscriptions                                      While most online publications don’t think to employ postal direct mail marketing, it can be a savvy way to acquire new and expired online subscribers. Of course, the obvious problem is how to transition a prospect from his/her mailbox to your site. One of the better solutions is to use QR codes, which can be scanned with a smart phone, in direct mail pieces.

Reflections of a Newsosaur: Investigative reporting lives! On YouTube!                             The time and talent expended on this YouTube video represents 20% to 25% of the resources that would have been devoted to a big investigative project at a newspaper, said Rosenthal in an email.  

Santa Maria Times Launches Online Subscriptions                                                                  For more than a decade, the Santa Maria Times has been working hard to keep pace with the evolution of the Internet and digital journalism, and this week we’re taking another important step.

Crossing The Newspaper Chasm: Is It Better To Be Funded By Readers?                        Both the Financial Times and the New York Times have either already crossed or are close to crossing an important threshold: namely, the point at which revenue from reader subscriptions exceeds the revenue they get from advertising. 

Deals and Discounts Dethroned as Reasons to Follow Brands                                           Photos and videos are popular content, and many users want insider information

Denver Post Launches New iPad Application                                                                       Digital First Media, which operates MediaNews Group and Journal Register Company, today announced the launch of the Denver Post’s new iPad® application.

OC Register Takes Bold New Direction                                                                                  Aaron Kushner, new publisher and owner of The Orange County Register, is undaunted by investing in an industry whose obituary many have already written.

On Our Radar: Oversharing at the Office
If you’re that person at the office who can’t resist talking about your dog’s latest illness or that upcoming bunion surgery, your co-workers have a message: Please stop.

NYT Digital Could Lead Subs By 2014                                                                                       The New York Times’ pay wall, long debated in and outside of the company, now looks like a bona fide success.

‘Hulu For News’ Aggregator Targets Tablets                                                                          With an eye to the tablet screen, Knight News Challenge winner Watchup collects news videos — primarily from YouTube — and allows users to select 10 at a time to play sequentially as a custom newscast.

Is the iPad helping or harming children?                                                                                 Child psychologist Dr Jordy Kaufman has decided to explore whether Apple’s iPad helps or hinders children’s brain development.

The Arizona Republic changes access to content                                                               Current Republic subscribers will receive a letter in the mail in the coming week explaining the program in greater detail, with information tailored to their current subscription package.

JC Penney Looks to Newspapers in Revamped Marketing Push                                              In the wake of bleak second-quarter results, JC Penney says it is shifting its marketing from brand building to business building.

Printed newspapers’ frequency: less may be best for some                                                    It’s a reality that digital publishing continues to rule the day, as it should, and, while the printed companion platform will be there, it will be published less than daily, perhaps only on weekends.

Times-Picayune Vets Reinvent Themselves After Layoffs                                                    Two journalists fired by the New Orleans Times-Picayune have a plan to escape a struggling industry and the unemployment into which it is dumping them.

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