Newspapers Digital First News Summary-09/21/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 09/21/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a discussion on how More Than Half of Online Ads Fail Viewability Standard  See this and more in this week’s update.

Scaled-Back Newspapers Leave Older Readers Behind                                                      There are plenty of people out there who don’t want to get their news online. Folks like Susan Leara, a 40-year subscriber to The Birmingham News. 

A vision for the future of newspapers—20 years ago                                                               The Kaiser memo is 20 years old this month. The journey of newspapers from print to digital was predicted by a global group of tech visionaries two decades ago, and has gone on to surpass their vision.

Media companies, seeing profit slip, push into education                                                 Movies, television, newspapers and magazines are in decline or facing headwinds, putting pressure on media companies to find new areas of expansion. Education is emerging as an answer, largely because executives see a way to capitalize on the changes that technology is bringing to classrooms.

Four Postmedia Papers Launch Paywalls                                                                                Four of Canada’s highest-profile newspapers threw the switch on paywalls Tuesday, asking their readers to pay for the content they are reading online.

At Rural Newspapers, Some Publishers Still Resist Moving Online                                         In 1968, Dick Graham bought a small weekly newspaper in Ferry County, Wash., one of the most remote and sparsely populated counties in the Pacific Northwest. Forty-four years later — give or take a few months — broadband Internet is arriving. 

Disney Park Launches Old-style Newspaper                                                                            The Buena Vista Bugle debuted this summer in Disney California Adventure as part of the park’s makeover as a way to explain new park features. Disney is producing the information in a very 1920s and 1930s way, matching the architecture and style of the Buena Vista Street entrance corridor. 

Big Data Has Arrived, but Executives See a Monetization Lag                                             Nine in 10 executives think the failure to fully exploit the potential of information results in lost revenue

How Papers Can Pick The Right Digital Edition                                                                    Digital editions have emerged as a key strategy among newspapers seeking to distribute content across new platforms and sell more advertising. While some publishers opt for bundling the electronic product with print subscriptions, others are treating the two mediums as separate products — and reaping the advertising results. 

Steve Smith’s Eye on Digital Media: Being Responsive To The Post-PC Reality                 You don’t need to be told how quickly users are migrating off of the desktop. Just look at server logs. Publishers report up to 30% of their traffic already coming from devices. Ask any of these publishers and they still say that they regard these mobilized audiences as incremental…

The billion-dollar question: What is journalism for?                                                                   As newspapers try and re-engineer their businesses to adapt to the disruption caused by the web and social media, they will have to confront a crucial question: How can they measure the effectiveness of the journalism they are producing — or is pleasing advertisers enough?

Agencies Don’t Pin Pinterest                                                                                               Pinterest may be the darling of the social media world, but it has not been widely embraced by agencies.

USA Today May Charge for Mobile Apps, Publisher Says                                                   While USA Today’s website isn’t behind a paywall, the newspaper is contemplating plans to charge for access on mobile devices,

Digital will pass papers in ad dollars this year                                                                            It’s long been clear that digital ad spending would outpace newspapers sooner or later. It appears it’s going to happen sooner.

How many Twitter followers do they really have?                                                                    UK firm develops software to unmask fake Twitter accounts

How 4 Small Businesses Are Winning on Pinterest                                                                   It’s been a few months since photo-sharing site Pinterest was all the rage in social media circles. Pinterest grew from seven million unique visitors in December 2011, to a high of almost 20 million in April, according to web traffic analysis service While growth has leveled off, use has remained consistent.

What should we expect from Apple’s iPad Mini?                                                                There’s little doubt that Apple is going to release a smaller iPad this fall. The key questions consumers and business buyers want to know are: What will it come with and how much will it cost?

Newspaper websites move in new direction                                                                          When newspapers first fired up websites in the 1990s, nearly all posted their content for free, hoping to lure eyeballs and then sell those eyeballs to advertisers

More Than Half of Online Ads Fail Viewability Standard                                                        The online ad industry’s Making Measurement Make Sense initiative calls for a new viewability metric that would only measure when 50 percent of an ad is in view for at least one second. The problem is, fewer than half of online ads meet that standard, according to a forthcoming study due out Tuesday.

Evening Edition, an afternoon paper for a mobile world                                                        With most of our reading habits shifting to the mobile devices, it is time for mobile-first reading experiences and services.

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