Newspapers Digital First News Summary-09/28/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 09/28/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a discussion on how Print ads fell 25x faster than digital grew. See this and more in this week’s update.

News organisations must shake fear of loss to embrace change                                      “People don’t fear change, they fear loss.”

Print ads fell 25x faster than digital grew                                                                                Print advertising revenues at newspapers in the first half of this year fell 25 times faster than digital sales grew, demonstrating the feebleness of the industry’s response to the shifting (shifted?) media landscape. 

The Definitive Checklist for Effective Facebook Posts                                                          While most in the industry think that copy can change the world, it’s quickly becoming apparent that you need to think of each individual post as a self-contained piece of marketing with copy, art, and targeting.

iPad owners are delighted with their tablet; Kindle Fire users are pretty happy too             A new survey from J.D. Power and Associates finds iPad and Kindle Fire owners are most pleased with their device.

Full version of Office will hit Windows RT tablets from November                             Microsoft confirms that Office will be free on Windows RT tablets, but says a full version of the suite won’t hit the ARM-powered slates until at least November.

Nissan integrates tablet as dashboard in new concept car                                                 Nissan is using a tablet as an instrumental panel inside its new Terra SUV concept car, which is due to debut at the Paris Motor Show on September 27.

The newspaper industry needs a bigger stack of digital dimes                                 Newspapers’ digital transformation is hitting some serious speed bumps. The problem: digital revenues are not growing fast enough to compensate for print advertising losses. In fact, the gap is getting wider.

How to Spot a Social Media “Expert” Who’s Full of It                                                                  A lot of folks position themselves as social media “experts” but sometimes it can be difficult figuring out who really knows what they’re talking about and who’s merely a guru or a ninja

Prototype of ‘smart’ newspaper that plays audio released                                          Newsprint Interactive project releases print edition of the Lancashire Evening Post with a button to play audio

GateHouse Media to Use MediaSpan to Manage Advertising and Circulation       MediaSpan, the leader in advertising, circulation and editorial content management solutions for the media industry, announced today that GateHouse Media, Inc. has selected MediaSpan’s AdManagerPro and CirculationPro systems as their advertising and circulation content management solution. 

The Hamster Wheel vs. the Quality Imperative                                                                      The real problem with JRC/Advance free model and the unappreciated benefit of a paywall.

Gartner Says By 2014, 10-15 Percent of Social Media Reviews to Be Fake, Paid for By Companies Consumers’ increased reliance on social media ratings and reviews will see enterprise spending on paid social media ratings and reviews increase, making up 10 to 15 percent of all reviews by 2014

Another Gannett newspaper plays with its flag                                                                      “The Register is the last newspaper I thought would do something like this,” writes William Castronuovo. “Then again, it is a Gannett Company paper and we know they seem to love playing with flags of late.”

Tablet Media Use Gaining On PCs                                                                                         Tablet owners spend 7.5 hours per week browsing the Internet, watching videos, listening to music, and reading books on their device, compared to 9.6 hours per week on a PC for the same activities, according to a new J.D. Power and Associates study.

New iPhone May Make Mobile Coupons Real                                                                         That mythical mobile Starbucks pop up may be coming, courtesy of iPhone’s Passbook

Consumer Daily Deals Spending to Reach $5.5 Billion by 2016                                                  A new BIA/Kelsey forecast projects rapid growth for the online daily deals space this year, with an 87% increase in consumer spending on deals over 2011

Facebook Further Taps Ad-Targeting Techniques                                                        Facebook is delving deeper into techniques for targeted online advertisements pioneered by older peers, as the social site seeks to bolster investor confidence.

$99 Dragon tablet aims to scare off the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7                                      Online electronics store Geekatronics looks set to release a new 7-inch Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0 OS) tablet for $99, putting it in a direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7.

Is there a tomorrow for USA Today?                                                                                        USA Today celebrated its 30th anniversary last week with a plump commemorative edition and a facelift, but can it survive another 30 years? 

Newspaper Jobs Shrink 40% In 10 Years                                                                              While plenty of industries have shrunk over the last couple years, few have been hit as badly as newspaper publishing, which was already contracting before the economic downturn began. 

US Digital Ad Spending to Top $37 Billion in 2012 as Market Consolidates                    Google alone will account for 41.3% of total US digital ad revenues in 2012

How Shoppers Use Smartphones to Save Money                                                      Smartphone coupon usage increased more than 100% in both 2012 and 2011

Should Publishers Let Print Perish?                                                                                          Last month, the Audit Bureau of Circulations announced that newsstand sales of newspapers and magazines continued to slide in the first half of 2012. The news came just after Barry Diller told the press he’d “maybe” fold Newsweek’s print edition in favor of an all-digital publication.

Thank you for reading this week’s edition.

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