Newspapers Digital First News Summary-10/12/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 10/12/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a discussion on Embracing Discomfort To Save Newspapers. See this and more in this week’s update.

It’s official: News consumption is all about social and mobile                                                New research from the Pew Center into news consumption habits shows that the impact of mobile and social continues to grow.

Apple CEO Tim Cook apologizes to customers for Maps in iOS 6                                       Apple published an open letter to customers on behalf of CEO Tim Cook, who formally apologized for Apple’s new Maps in iOS 6 and “the frustration this has caused our customers.”

Is San Diego Paper the Future of the Media?                                                                             For the past year, the biggest news story in San Diego has been the newspaper

More Declines Predicted For Newspapers                                                                                   All the trend lines for newspaper advertising are pointing down, and the latest forecast from eMarketer does nothing to dispel this gloomy picture.

Newsprint Joins The Internet Of Things                                                                                  Lots of people are trying to bridge the divide between paper and the internet. Some efforts include augmented-reality playthings that enliven pages and QR codes that introduce hyperlinks to print, while many expect e-readers will evolve in to flexible, hi-res, connected digital “paper.”

The responsive design myth                                                                                                  Patrick Emmons, director of professional services at Adage Technologies, argues that responsive design is overhyped these days as an affordable cure-all for digital publishers.

The newsonomics of Pricing 201                                                                                  Newspapers are starting to figure out what separates the successful paywalls from the also-rans.

Study reveals the iPad rules the iPhone for mobile web traffic                                                  A first-ever study from digital publisher Onswipe reveals the iPad to be the king of tablet and mobile web traffic, but reveals some promising signs for Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Arrests increase after newspaper posts criminal mugshots on Pinterest                             The Pottstown (Pa.) Mercury is using a Pinterest board of wanted-criminal mugshots to engage readers and help police make arrests. Reporter Brandie Kessler explains the project to Digital First Media’s Steve Buttry.

Internet will take more than a fifth of ad dollars by 2014                                                         Ad spending online will grow by 16 percent next year and hit 21.4 percent by the following year, according to a Zenith Optimedia forecast.

Industry metrics: Is it time to say goodbye to the pageview?                                               The changing landscape means newspapers basically are start-up companies, pioneers and inventors full of fresh ideas. The Press-Enterprise traded the pageview and other metrics to more proactive and meaningful analytics, dividing consumers up into the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel.

Star Trib, LocalEdge To Offer Web Marketing                                                                         The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune Media Co. becomes the third newspaper group to reach an agreement with the Hearst Media Services-owned LocalEdge to roll out digital marketing solutions for SMBs.

More mobile devices equals more news consumption, says study                        Smartphones and tablets are now everywhere, leading readers to consume more news, not less. The increase appears to be a good sign but for the fact that few people are paying for news on mobile.

iPad Mini will debut on October 17, claims report                                                                 Apple will send out press invites for the iPad Mini event on October 10, with the event to take place just a week later, according to a new report

Layoffs hit Patriot-News, Post-Standard in shift to fewer print days                                   The Advance-owned Patriot-News laid off “about 70″ employees Monday, Stacy Brown reports for The (Carlisle, Pa.) Sentinel.

Beyond Ads: How Newspapers Survive In Digital                                                                  Over the past few years, the pendulum has swung from the newspaper industry writing its own obituary to a new — and what some might say is surprising — trend: bullishness.

Mobile devices boost news consumption                                                                               Here’s one more reason to consider a mobile-first strategy: Half of all Americans have mobileInternet access through a tablet or smartphone, according to a new study from Pew

Mobile Growth Yet To Equal Real Revenue                                                                          Media Companies Once Lamented That Ads Worth Dollars Offline Were Only Worth Dimes on the Web. It’s Even Worse on Mobile

Who Wins Apps Vs. Mobile Sites Debate?                                                                              There is a continuous debate in the mobile industry on whether mobile applications or optimized sites are a better choice for marketers.

Embracing Discomfort To Save Newspapers                                                                          Read Steve Buttry’s keynote address to the Arizona Newspapers Association fall convention in Scottsdale.

NY Times Launches New HTML5 App For iPad                                                                      The New York Times‘ new Web App for iPad, available exclusively to the newspaper’s digital subscribers, is built in HTML5 and formatted for optimal reading on the iPad.

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