Newspapers Digital First News Summary-10/26/12

Here’s this week’s digital first news for the week ending 10/26/12. This update on digital, social and mobile includes a discussion on The Boston Globe’s dual website strategy See this and more in this week’s update.

Thanks to Smartphones, We’re Now in the Golden Age of Reading                                          If you tune in at all to the near-constant chatter about the precarious state of quality journalism, you’ve probably heard that the digital revolution is largely to blame for quality journalism’s decline—that publishers beholden to smartphones and social networks are guilty of rewarding consumers with short attention spans, and that, as a result, those attention spans continue to shrink.

No More Daily Deals, New Digital Newspaper Focus for Trinity Mirror                              Five weeks in as new CEO of big UK news publisher Trinity Mirror, former HMV chief Simon Fox has the first outlines of yet another group restructure.

How Three News Organizations Are Optimizing Their Digital Content                                 It’s no secret that newspapers and online-only news organizations are dedicating more and more resources to their websites and other digital products. At the same time, publishers are cutting back on print editions, and it looks like this trend will only expand over time.

Print Newspaper Reading Drops Under 25%                                                                          Print newspaper readership has has continued to decline, falling below 25%, according to new data from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

Paywalls Help Push Gannett Q3 Circ Rev Up                                                                    Gannett Co. today reported third quarter results that included a 5.6% rise in circulation revenue, due primarily to the rollout of the company’s new subscription model.

The incredible shrinking newspaper audience                                                                       While Boomers still turn to printed papers for their news, subsequent generations do not, and are unlikely to forsake their mobile devices and computers in order to do so. Thus, newspaper publishers should prepare to woo younger generations in order to survive in the near future.

How Local Publishers Can Take Advantage of Mobile News Boom                                           A recent major Pew study of mobile news users offers context that could help community news publishers hone their mobile strategy.

Publishers Confront Mobile Mess                                                                                                 We are now fully ensconced in the Mobile Era. Publishers are scrambling to figure out not only how to present content on portable devices but also how to close the revenue gap between desktop and mobile.

Digital First? Print First? Both Should Work Together                                                          Let’s learn a lesson from the past. When the news first started going digital, that is when it started appearing on the World Wide Web and print saw it as a competitor that would give the product away for free.

Number of Americans Who Read Print Newspapers Continues Decline                            While Americans enjoy reading as much as ever – 51% say they enjoy reading a lot, little changed over the past two decades – a declining proportion gets news or reads other material on paper on a typical day. Many readers are now shifting to digital platforms to read the papers.

The Boston Globe’s dual website strategy                                                                                 The Boston Globe has an interesting approach to the paywall debate: the newspaper has two websites—one free and one subscription-based. has been free for 16 years, while premium site, at $14.50 per month, is geared toward the print readership.

Papers Should Tap Built-In Paying Audience                                                                           The biggest change has been the widespread embrace of metered access, which is not a paywall. Meters offer a kinder, gentler approach that leaves casual users alone and targets heavy users for subscription signup pitches.

Microsoft says Surface screen outperforms iPad Retina display                                          Even though Microsoft’s new Surface has a lower resolution screen than the Retina display on the new iPad, one Microsoft engineer has argued that the Surface offers superior picture quality because of “ClearType” display technology.

Mobile Payments Still Tiny, Set to Explode in Next Four Years                                                A few people have traded in their wallets for their phones to make small purchases like coffee and movie tickets, but we’re about to see explosive growth in the market as more consumers use smartphones to pay for things like groceries and gas.

Tablet Ads Deliver Results, but Barriers Remain                                                                       By 2015, more than half of US internet users will use a tablet.

Newsweek to End Print Edition                                                                                                After 79 years chronicling American life, Newsweek magazine will publish its last print edition at the end of December and become digital-only.

Chicago Tribune to Online Readers: Pay Up                                                                             The Chicago Tribune said Thursday that it will erect a paywall on its website next month joining the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times with online subscription plans.

There Is No Business Model For Killing Print                                                                        When you see Newsweek packing it in, or a newspaper like the Seattle Post-Intelligencer killing its print component, it’s not a victory of digital success over dead-tree failure. It’s a symptom of a broader problem with the publication’s business.

40% Of Tab Users Read Digital Papers, Mags                                                                     Nearly 40% of U.S. tablet owners read a newspaper or magazine on the device during a three-month period ending in August, according to new data from comScore’s TabLens service.

All Papers Will Be Digital In 10 Years                                                                             Mediatech Capital Partners Managing Partner Porter Bibb predicts the entire newspaper industry will be all digital within 10 years.

Thanks for reading.

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