Newspapers Digital First News Summary-11/09/12

In an effort to find a sustainable model going forward, newspapers must maximize the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement. See the latest in how newspapers are meeting that challenge with digital, social and mobile in this week’s Digital First News Summary. This update includes a discussion how How to get your readers to love paywalls.  See this and more recent developments in this week’s update.

Tinypass adds metered subscriptions for small publishers                                              Paywall startup Tinypass, which is based in New York City and works with small digital publishers, is expanding metering options to its users.

Waking Up in a City Without Newspapers                                                                                 For a media-saturated, always-connected city, the aftermath of Sandy has in some ways been stranger than the storm.

Mobile ad spend undergoing fastest growth rates in US                                                        With the number of mobile users of the Internet expected to outnumber PC users by 2015, mobile advertising is expected to grow significantly.

Could Sandy be Instagram’s big citizen journalism moment?                                      Hurricane Sandy or Frankenstorm Apocalpyse as it’s being called on Foursquare could be Instagram’s big citizen journalism moment.

The Star to launch digital subscription                                                                                          In a significant transition for the newspaper and the website, the Toronto Star will launch a paid-subscription program in 2013 for full access to all the stories and features on our website,

Newspapers’ Digital Circulation Climbs                                                                                Finally, here’s some good news for U.S. newspapers, for a change

How to get your readers to love paywalls                                                                                      A Columbia/Indiana University study on reactions to the New York Times paywall suggests that newspapers enacting paywalls should emphasize financial need, not profit,

Advance revs up 22% in 2012                                                                                             Advance Publications’ digital revenues are up 22 percent in 2012 as the publisher makes its transition to a digital-centric operation.

Newspapers lost 31.5% of ad share in 4 years                                                            Newspapers have lost nearly a third of their share of the advertising market in the last four years, with the dollars – no surprise here – shifting to the online and mobile media

Vast Majority of Ad Sellers to Offer Mobile Display                                                                 The mobile ad market is headed up fast, and marketers and publishers alike are paying attention.

Future of Mobile News                                                                                                                 The era of mobile digital technology has crossed a new threshold.

Hurricane Sandy to Cost Ad Industry $500 Million in Revenue                                            The climate for growth among U.S. ad companies had already been looking stormy for the second half of 2012, and now, Hurricane Sandy is leading to a worsened outlook.

Analyst gives Surface top marks for unique design that lets you blend work and play Industry analyst Rob Enderle has a new favorite device, Microsoft’s Surface tablet. But it’s not just the specs and the feel of the device that impress Enderle

Publishers Cautiously Optimistic Toward 2013                                                                      Most publishers attending the Inland Press Association’s 127th annual conference anticipate revenue to be flat in 2012 and expect the same or slight increases next year, with the biggest gains coming from digital.

The newsonomics of aggressive, public-minded journalism                                                        If you want to charge readers for journalism, you have to prove its value — and that means getting beyond he-said-she-said and the view from nowhere.

Wearable computing will be a $1.5B business by 2014                                                    Google’s Project Glass may sound like a bet on a distant future, but wearable computing could become a billion-dollar business sooner that you might expect.

Apple Exec Refused To Apologize For Maps                                                                             The head of Apple’s iPhone software development was asked to resign after he refused to sign a letter apologizing for the flaws of Apple’s mapping application, according to a published report.

The Most Innovative Digital Coverage of Superstorm                                                   Disasters bring out many of the most predictable cliches of traditional media (reporters standing in the middle of a storm surge, photos of empty store shelves, and worse), but they also lead to some of the best and most impactful work by journalists, computer programmers, and online services

Washington Post Sunday circulation drop bad, but not quite as bad as it looks                   The Washington Post’s average Sunday circulation dropped 20.2 percent over 2011, according to the most recent Audit Bureau of Circulations report. But just like in the May report, the September report didn’t count the Post’s branded editions with its Sunday numbers.

Local group to buy The Press Democrat, affiliated publications                                             The Press Democrat and two affiliated publications in Sonoma County are being sold by Florida-based Halifax Media Group to a local partnership that includes two Democratic power brokers.

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