Newspapers Digital First News Summary-11/16/12

Newspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement in an effort to develop a sustainable model. In this week’s update, see how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a discussion how Paywalls are a means, not an end.

The Telegraph brings web meter, mobile subs to overseas readers                            Payment meters win another exponent with news The Telegraph will require subscriptions from non-UK readers for 20 monthly articles and app access.

Canada’s biggest English-language newspapers will all have paywalls in 2013                        A paywall is rising across the 49th parallel, Steve Kupferman writes. The Toronto Globe and Mail hoisted a metered paywall for domestic users last Monday.

Only 5 Percent Of Search Advertisers Follow Mobile Best Practices                               Google has been pumping out research and speaking at industry trade shows trying to educate advertisers and agencies about the growing importance of mobile in the consumer path to purchase.

Groupon Stock Falls to All-Time Low                                                                                Groupon is ending its first year as a public company on a down note. The company’s stock fell below $4 a share for the first time in early trading Friday, hitting a new all-time low of $3.85 a share, just ahead of the one-year anniversary of its IPO this Sunday. 

Digital First A Big Winner In Eppy Awards                                                                           Editor & Publisher earlier this week announced the winners of its 2012 Eppy Awards. The awards, which are now in their 17th year, honor the best media-affiliated websites across 31 categories.

Why isn’t it better?                                                                                                         Newspapers have the most content, the largest local audiences, the biggest local sales forces. So why do we find ourselves in the position we are in?

N&O to charge for digital content starting Dec. 19                                                                   The newspaper’s e-edition, which looks the same as the print paper; all content on the N&O’s website,; and content on its mobile site and iPhone and Android smartphone apps will move behind a pay wall.

Certified Audit of Circulations Becomes Subsidiary of ABC                                          Members of the Certified Audit of Circulations (CAC) have voted overwhelmingly for CAC to join the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) as a subsidiary. With member approval of an acquisition agreement and amended certificate of incorporation, CAC will begin operating as a subsidiary of ABC before the end of the year.

Newspapers and streaming music: heavenly harmony or digital discord?                      Nordic newspapers will be the latest to offer unlimited streaming music through Aspiro’s WiMP service, after publisher Schibsted bought the firm. But latest funding for Aspiro’s growth comes from outside of publishing.

‘Native’ ads disrupt the digital advertising model                                                                     Are advertorials really the new black? It appears that way, as publishers embrace “native” advertising formats that put a digital spin on print advertorials and “special advertising sections.”

The New York Times is making its mobile apps more than simple containers for news  With the Olympics, Hurricane Sandy, and the election, 2012 has given plenty of opportunities for the Times to push live video, interactive graphics, and other webby forms into its smartphone and tablet apps.

Paywalls are a means, not an end                                                                                                    A Toronto Star columnist’s belligerence gets me thinking

Social Is Still a Small Part of Customer Service                                                                        Few companies receive a high share of customer service queries on social sites

What Does “Premium Inventory” Actually Mean?                                                                  The “premium inventory” moniker is bandied about by industry press and at conferences on a daily basis. In reality, the term is loosely defined and means different things to different people, often depending on their business interests.

Tablets cutting legs out from under regular PCs                                                                         In short, it’s still a giant market, with more than 87 million PC shipments worldwide in the latest quarter. 

Newspapers failing to diversify digital audience                                                                 Though newspapers have been pretty good over the years at growing traffic on their websites, they are shockingly bad at capitalizing on the social power of the digital media to broaden their audiences.

Emerging From The Shadows Of Bankruptcy                                                                          The story of Lee Enterprises is as interesting as an investigative piece reported by the local newspaper in town.

Providence Journal Lays Off 23 Full-Time Employees                                                           The Providence Journal Co. laid off 23 full-time workers Wednesday as part of a cost-cutting effort, including 16 members of the Providence Newspaper Guild and 7 non-union employees.

Get Ready for ABC 2.0: Accountability in the New Age of Media                                           For nearly a century, the Audit Bureau of Circulations has led the world in the auditing of print media. Throughout that time we have seen the media environment expand, evolve, and diversify in dozens of significant ways.

iPad is king of mobile web traffic                                                                                           Apple’s iPad makes up 54.5 percent of mobile web traffic on websites using the site optimization service OnSwipe. 

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