Newspapers Digital First News Summary-11/23/12

Newspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement in an effort to develop a sustainable model for the future. In this week’s update, see how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a discussion how Wanderful Media Acquires Mobile Newspaper Shopping Ads Platform iCircular From AP .

Does Death Of Papers’ End Good Citizenship?                                                                          The death of newspapers – by cutbacks, outright disappearance, or morphing into lean websites – means a reduction of watchdog reporting and less local information. Some say it has caused a drop in civic participation. Is it a blow to good citizenship?

Groupon Fights For Life As Daily Deals Fade                                                                   Groupon and its compatriots in the much-hyped daily deals business were supposed to change the very nature of small-business advertising. Instead, it is the daily deal vendors that are racing to change

News Orgs See Future In Responsive Design                                                                       Digital experts from the Guardian,, the BBC and the Midland News Association share some key considerations for news outlets planning a responsive redesign

Should Web Listening Increase Worry Radio?                                                                              A new study about what consumers are listening shows Internet listening is up 27% year over year. And while AM/FM remains strong, listening declined 4%, according to NPD.

Tiny Tablets Get a Leg Up                                                                                                           The standard-sized tablet isn’t the newest device on the block anymore—it’s got a kid brother 

Consumers, Marketers Disagree on Effective Ads                                                           Internet users think TV ads are more effective than online placements

Justification for Cross-Ownership Ban Fades                                                                       Cross-ownership of newspapers and broadcast stations has long been strictly regulated, but that may be about to change.

Five ways digital isn’t working for Trinity Mirror                                                               Online earnings are falling despite booming audiences at leading UK news publisher Trinity Mirror,

How Media Companies Think More Like Startups                                                               Many startups like Tumblr have become successful because they focused on filling a need that their founders had, and then turned that into a business.

What traditional media could learn from Reddit’s membership model                                   As costs continue to rise along with pageviews, Reddit is looking to its community of users for help by promoting a membership model called Reddit Gold

How to beat digital disruption by seeing the big picture                                                       Don’t blame the Internet for the decline of printed newspapers—it’s print’s “rotten DNA” that is reportedly the culprit. Taking a careful look at the history of newspaper decline helps to identify circulation and revenue issues outside of just blaming digital disruption.

ABC and PwC to launch combined print and online audience metrics                                      In an effort to remove duplicate readership numbers and combine print circulation and online engagement—including on mobile devices—the Audit Bureau of Circulation, perhaps in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, promises to offer publishers and advertisers “the gold standard to base ad rates on”.

3 Lessons We Can Learn From Big Brands In Social Media                                                        If you’ve spent anytime looking around the social web, big brands have been known to go to great lengths to create engagement amongst fans and followers. No matter the size of your business or brand, some of these ideas have some very useful takeaways we can all learn from.

Mobile Traffic, M-Commerce Enjoys 13% Uptick                                                                   New data from U.K.-based affiliate network Affiliate Window indicates that mobile activity picked up in October with the approach of the holiday shopping season.

Facebook’s Newest Ad Offering                                                                                                       If you’re working in the ad industry, there’s one question that’s even more intriguing than the last scene of “The Sopranos” — just how will Facebook be able to grow revenue and send its stock price soaring?

Digital Tablets Improve Reading for People with Moderate Vision Loss                         People who have eye diseases that damage their central vision can regain the ability to read quickly and comfortably by using digital tablets, according to a recent study.

Wanderful Media Acquires Mobile Newspaper Shopping Ads Platform iCircular From AP Wanderful Media, which aims to digitize circulars (the printed fliers you find in your mailbox full of the latest deals and coupons), has acquired iCircular from The Associated Press.

Ad-free Internet for $100?                                                                                                          Uh-oh, digital publishers—here comes a new subscription service promising to block online ads for audiences.

WSJ Debuts New Offerings To Cover Startups                                                                        The Wall Street Journal this week launched The Accelerators and Startup Journal, two new digital offerings that cover entrepreneurship and startups.

Plain Dealer Staff Starts Effort To Save Daily

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