Newspapers Digital First News Summary-12/21/12

tablet logoNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences and growing digital audiences and engagement in order to develop a sustainable model for the future. In this update, see how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a discussion on how Tablets and Smartphones Boost Digital News Usage 

More Kentucky newspapers add charges for online readers                                               Faced with declining revenues, the Lexington Herald-Leader and four other newspapers in Central Kentucky will charge online readers for unlimited access.

The science of content subscriptions: lifetime customer value and price power                  The great media business model debate of our time can be simplified into three words: free versus paid.

Diverse Rev Streams Key To Survival                                                                                      Two prominent newspaper publishers speaking at BIA/Kelsey’s ILM West conference had one simple message: In order to bridge the gap between declining print revenue and sluggish digital ad revenue, papers must find diverse revenue streams.

Newsweek Layoffs Coming Today, Tina Brown Confirms                                                           A source calls the layoffs “a bloodbath” and estimates that half the editorial staff will be gone.

Tablet Size Can Shape Its Use                                                                                               Smaller tablets used less for email, more for social networking

Hearst: Making Headway on Mobile but Still Bullish on Print                                      Company likely to test new print mag in 2013, despite 800,000 paid mobile subs.

Belo Bullish On Double-Digit Digital Growth                                                                             Belo Corp. sees at least several more years of double-digit growth ahead led by digital advertising services and mobile and video prospects, the company’s VP of digital said.

Chicago Tribune – Tribune resumes limited usage of Journatic                                            Five months after suspending Journatic for plagiarism and other ethical breaches in its TribLocal suburban newspapers, the Chicago Tribune announced to employees Thursday it will resume use of the hyperlocal content provider on a limited basis for such information as community listings.  

The New York Times offers buyouts for the fourth time in five years                                 The New York Times announced Monday that it would be offering buyout packages to 30 newsroom managers, reports Christine Haughney. Editor Jill Abramson told staff that layoffs could follow.

American Newspaper Solutions to Assume Complete Home Delivery Distribution Responsibilities for The Morning Call                                                                               American Newspaper Solutions – a technology-driven distribution company servicing the print media industry – announced it is assuming complete home delivery distribution responsibilities for The Morning Call, the preeminent daily newspaper in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Tablets and Smartphones Boost Digital News Usage                                                               The print news industry has clearly suffered, losing circulation and ad dollars, as consumers transitioned much of their attention to digital media.

Why Branded Content is Beating Editorial                                                                             Brand journalism, native advertising, sponsored content — whatever you want to call it — has been in the news a lot lately. The big question is whether brands, which need to sell after all, can create compelling content.

Gannett Blog: USAT | Already-short stories now even shorter?                                     Maybe it’s my imagination, but stories I’m reading lately on USA Today‘s website are getting shorter and shorter and shorter.

Online Paywalls and the Future of Media: A Few Hard Truths                                            Both The Daily Beast and the Washington Post announced that they may be instituting online paywalls in the near future

Location-based search revenue will reach $6B by 2017                                                        With a growing focus on context and relevancy, local search is expected to play an increased role for mobile marketers in the next five years

Journalism pre-dates newspapers and will outlast newspapers                                            The discussion around journalism and the internet often seems to devolve into a heated debate between digital-first, paywall-hating web supporters and print-first, newspaper-loving professional journalists.

Newspapers still have power, it seems — to shock and to condemn                               Printed newspapers may be fading as a business because of the shift to digital media, but two incidents this week show that they still have power because of the shared experience they involve.

Paywall Push: Washington Post Hops Over Picket Fence                                                    When The Wall Street Journal broke the news that The Washington Post was likely to start charging for online content sometime next year, it should not have come as a surprise, but it did.

5 ways journalists are using Pinterest                                                                                          As the audience for Pinterest grows, so has journalists’ interest in it. News organizations are using the social networking site in creative ways and finding that it’s a place where both hard news stories and features can thrive.

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