Newspapers Digital First News Summary-12/28/12

tablet logoNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. In this update, see how newspapers are meeting that challenge including  A Look at Newspapers Turning a Profit and Those That Are Not

U.S. Ad Spending Rose in Quarter                                                                                          There was a relatively strong increase in advertising spending in the United States during the third quarter, according to data to be released on Wednesday morning by Nielsen.

Video Drives Revenue For Argus Leader                                                                                  The country’s Great Plains states might not bring up visions of digital innovation, but one newspaper, South Dakota’s Argus Leader, has managed to generate 20% of its total ad revenue online

Charleston Newspapers announces digital subscriptions                                               Reporters. Editors. Photographers. Advertising and production personnel. Newspaper carriers. The list goes on and on when you’re talking about what it takes to make a newspaper, a website and more.

Media Biz Counts on Tablet Users to Pay Up                                                                          Most still don’t want to pay for their mobile news

Times-Picayune says circulation is up since it cut staff, print frequency                               On a New Orleans radio show, business manager David Francis said The Times-Picayune’s print circulation has gone upsince it cut print frequency.

Reflections on Real Time Bidding & Search Retargeting in 2012                                    Looking back, 2012 was a big year for both real-time bidding (RTB) as well as search retargeting.

A Look at Newspapers Turning a Profit — and Those That Are Not                       Speculation surged last week that Michael Bloomberg, New York’s billionaire mayor and founder of Bloomberg LP, might buy The Financial Times, after The New York Times reported he’d been thinking about it.

For Publishers, Social Media Still Stingy on Monetization                                                Atlantic Is Latest Media Company to Try to Make Social Pay, But History Suggests It’s Not Easy

87% of U.S. magazine and newspaper publishers have an iPad app                                          A new survey from the Alliance for Audited Media (formerly the Audit Bureau of Circulations) finds that newspaper and magazine publishers’ digital businesses are gradually becoming profitable

Digital ad share dives sharply at newspapers                                                                 Reflecting the apparent acceleration of a troubling and long-running trend, the share of digital advertising earned by the nation’s newspapers plunged precipitously in the third quarter, according to an analysis of new data released this week. 

N.Y. Times getting another price hike                                                                                           As of January 2013, an annual subscription to the Grey Lady will cost $660.40 a year ($12.70 a week) in the greater New York City area and $837.20 ($16.10 a week) nationally, representing about a five percent increase over last year’s price.

More than half of internet users post messages to social media and over 60% read news online Internet access and use is widespread amongst the EU population. In the EU27, more than three quarters of households1 had access to the internet in 2012, compared with just under half in 2006.

Companies Focus on Customers When Harnessing ‘Big Data’                                    Companies are using a variety of analytic tools

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson: “My strategy is to protect our newsgathering muscles’                                                                                                              “The size of our newsroom staff is about 1150 people, roughly the same size it was 10 years ago. Amazingly, we’ve managed to build out our digital operations without adding to the overall size of the newsroom.”

Mobile Ad Spending Up 180% In 2012 To $4B                                                               Spending on mobile ads in the United States grew to $4 billion in 2012, up 180% from $1.45 billion last year. Google still dominated mobile advertising with a 56.6% share of the market, but mobile newcomer Facebook is gaining ground fast.

The New York Times Paywall Is Working Better Than Anyone Had Guessed                  Ever since the New York Times rolled out its so-called paywall in March 2011, a perennial dispute has waged. Anxious publishers say they can’t afford to give away their content for free, while the blogger set claim paywalls tend to turn off readers accustomed to a free and open Web.

The coming death of seven-day publication                                                                “Ultimately, consolidation is just a mop-up strategy — one that simply squeezes out the final remaining profits before the lights are turned out.”

Old pressroom in Oregon is now Internet hub                                                                       Cabel Maxfield Sasser explores the “very, very old basement” of a building in Portland, Ore., and realizes that a major Internet hub for the Northwest used to be a pressroom.

iPhone 5 launch propels Apple to 53% of US smartphone sales                                             The debut of the iPhone 5 sent Apple soaring to its highest share of sales the U.S. smartphone market ever, according to new data.

Incorporating Mobile into Mainstream Digital Media Strategies                                 According to recent numbers from Facebook, 126 million of its 1 billion users access the site exclusively via their mobile device

Attracting Consumer Attention Through Retargeting                                               Retargeting is a fairly new way of attracting customers by exposing them to advertisements that are related to content in which they have already displayed interest.

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