Newspapers Digital First News Summary-1/04/13

newspaper circulationNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences and growing digital audiences and engagement in order to develop a sustainable model for the future. In this update, see how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a discussion on how In 5 years, 4.4% of all ads will appear on a phone screen 

Apple Newsstand ropes in longtime holdout WSJ                                                                    The Wall Street Journal has changed course on its digital subscriptions, agreeing to give Apple nearly a third of its revenue for a spot in Newsstand.

10 Local Digital Media Trends For 2013                                                                                       In the spirit of digital media’s forward-looking nature, let’s look ahead to some the most important trends developing in local digital media for 2013. Here are 10 things to watch from technology to revenue to journalism for the coming year.

The pros and cons of newspaper paywalls: a Twitter debate                                                     A comment about a Bloomberg story on the New York Times paywall started a debate about the positive and negative effects of paywalls that included some media industry luminaries

Baltimore Sun runs full page cartoon on front page for first time                                          The Baltimore Sun turned 175 in 2012 and tried something unusual as its anniversary year ended. Cartoonist Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher explained in an email how Sunday’s front page came about:

Fifth-gen iPad to debut in March with iPad mini design cues                                             Apple is reportedly preparing a thinner, lighter fifth-generation iPad model ahead of a March unveiling, only five months after the most recent version was released in October

Will Newsweek’s digital subscription succeed?                                                             Newsweek magazine ended almost 80 years in print with its issue dated Dec. 31 as it transitions to an online-only format, a move that makes it the most widely-read magazine yet to give up on the print media.

In 5 years, 4.4% of all ads will appear on a phone screen                                                       Berg Insight believes mobile content companies are going to figure out how to monetize mobile traffic. Berg’s analysts predict that ads and marketing won’t just become a much bigger part of the online ad market, but also a sizable segment across all advertising.

Is mobile a customer service powerhouse?                                                                          Mobile is transforming the consumer shopping experience in many ways, from how they make purchasing decisions to actually completing a transaction. Another way that mobile is influencing customers’ retail interactions is by streamlining the customer service experience.

How Press Association Ad Networks Can Help Newspapers Compete Online                     The first local ad networks weren’t online, but instead were networks of local newspapers that worked together — usually through state press or newspaper associations — to allow larger advertisers to place ads on multiple publications. And to this day most such groups still offer an ad network for their member papers.

Tablets in 2013: OLED displays, voice dictation, eyeball tracking, Wi-Fi alternatives & more  Innovation marches on in 2013. Here are some of the key technology advances you can expect to see in tablets in the year ahead.

How looking beyond UK may save British newspapers                                                         With British titles deriving up to 55% of readers from abroad, the temptation to expand internationally for growth is compelling

What the New York Times’s ‘Snow Fall’ Means to Online Journalism’s Future                   The New York Times debuted a new multimedia feature Thursday so beautiful it has a lot of people wondering — especially those inside the New York Times — if the mainstream media is about to forgo words and pictures for a whole lot more

The pricing game: How low can tablets go?                                                                                  In a sign of an increasingly competitive tablet landscape, prices for the devices keep moving lower, with Acer reportedly readying a $99 tablet for next year.

The Best Days to Post to Facebook, by Industry                                                                         It turns out that we’re not all on Facebook all day, every day. This infographic shows marketers in different industries how to catch people when they’re in the mood for everything from finance to fast food, any day of the week.

USPS may start selling mag subscriptions                                                                               Your next magazine subscription may well be purchased at the post office—the Postal Service could begin selling magazines directly to consumers as soon as next month.

Want to be a news baron? 2013 could be your year                                                              Some famous newspaper titles are going on sale next year.

HTML5 or native apps? Developers say both can work together                                         Two leading app developers say that the battle between native and web-based apps will become increasingly complex next year, as HTML5 becomes more often used for hybrid native apps.

Why half of your print orders should come from the Internet                                              New research suggests we need to use every direct marketing tool at our disposal to woo weekday digital consumers to print over the weekend.

Newspapers Clamping Down on Free Digital Content                                                           While 2012 didn’t usher in the end of the world, the world of free online reading began to shrink sharply, as dozens of North American newspapers erected or announced plans to erect paywalls around their content.

Rumor: Apple Building Bluetooth Smart Watch                                                             According to Chinese gadget news site Tech.163, Apple may be in the process of developing its own smart watch that connects to your Apple devices via Bluetooth.

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