Newspapers Digital First News Summary-1/18/13

tablet logoNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences and growing digital audiences and engagement in order to develop a sustainable model for the future. In this update, see how newspapers are meeting that challenge including with Five game-changers for the local media business model

Search Retargeting: When Customers Happily Tell You Everything That Interests Them Wouldn’t it be great if a customer called you up and without prompting, quickly and succinctly told you everything they are interested in? Favorite movies, songs, stores, food, products, etc. You name it, they happily told it to you. You could imagine how, as a small business, this would be highly valuable marketing information, right?

The geeks shall inherit the … ad business?                                                                                The number of ad campaigns based on algorithms doubled last year versus 2011. In the coming years, they are expected to account for nearly half of all campaigns, according to Forrester Research. That’s why creative quants who can push online ads to the next level are in high demand.

Element Level Display Advertising – Evolution in Progress                                      Advertising is actually in its infancy. There are powerful dynamic variables at work that are creating major challenges for the advertising technology industry at large.

How publishers are getting over the app debate: 3 examples                                            Fewer publishers are treating apps as a make-or-break business decision. Instead, a shift in the economics of app making means publishers can choose from a wider variety of app options that are tailored to the type of content they produce.

Tablet Activations Outpace Smartphones This Holiday, Kindle a Sleeper Hit                       As expected, the 2012 holiday season proved to be all about tablets

Plastic Logic Demonstrates ‘Paper’ Tablet                                                                          Tablets keep getting thinner, but how thin can they realistically get?

Times-Pic Offers Update, Sparks Backlash                                                                                 As many of you know, there has been considerable discussion — both locally and nationally  about the changes made at The Times-Picayune and its website,, in 2012

Auto recovery leaves newspapers behind                                                                        Although the sales of new vehicles hit a five-year peak in 2012, automotive advertising at newspapers was on track at year’s end to decline for the ninth straight year – and likely headed to the lowest level since 1979.  

Craigslist Slowly Expands Its Maps To Items For Sale, Starting First With Yard Sales And Flea Markets  Craigslist has started to add maps to its sales listings, letting people view not just what items are being sold, but where those items are located on a map

Newspaper revenues forecast to plunge 4% in 2013                                                     Revenues for newspaper publishers are expected to drop by 4.0% in 2013, according to business information analyst IBISWorld.

Five game-changers for the local media business model                                                             It was an interesting assignment: Forecast the next three years’ revenues and cash flows based on current activities, then come up “game-changers” that could produce significantly better results.

Digital to Account for One in Five Ad Dollars                                                               Worldwide, digital ad spending passed the $100-billion mark for the first time last year, according to new eMarketer estimates, and will increase by a further 15.1% in 2013 to $118.4 billion.

Huawei Challenges Samsung With ‘World’s Biggest Smartphone’                                   Huawei, the Chinese phone maker that is fighting to gain traction in the United States with its low-cost handsets, took a few pot shots at Samsung on Monday

News Orgs Struggle To Make Hyperlocal Work                                                                      Why do community news sites, once hailed as the future of journalism, so often flop?

Furloughs, job cuts coming to Fort Worth Star-Telegram                                                          A memo to employees sent on behalf of Publisher Gary Wortel lays out the bad news:

Tablets predicted to surpass notebook PC shipments this year                                 Shipments of tablets, led by Apple’s iPad, have grown at such an unprecedented pace that they are now projected to outpace traditional notebook PCs worldwide this year.

Walmart to begin direct iPhone 5 sales with no-contract                                                 Straight Talk prepaid plans Big box retailer Walmart announced on Tuesday that it will be selling Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 on Jan. 11, with no-contract plans furnished by cell provider Straight Talk Wireless priced at $45 per month for unlimited talk, text and data.

Why Native Ads Are Bad News for Some Agencies                                                     Publishers, clients pose a threat to creative shops

Google Brings Free Wi-Fi To New York                                                                                        In another small step toward becoming a national Internet service provider, Google has partnered with The Chelsea Improvement Company in the city of New York to provide free public Wi-Fi.

The digital tinkering continues – and that’s a good thing                                               Revenues may finally be catching up with the investments publishers have been making in their digital businesses.

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