Newspapers Digital First News Summary-2/01/13

tablet logoNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences and growing digital audiences and engagement in order to develop a sustainable model for the future.   In this update, see how newspapers are working to meet that challenge including the   story, Print’s financial future may last longer than expected.

Top 25 U.S. Newspaper Audience Gainers for September 2012                                           Last fall, the Alliance for Audited Media released the top 25 U.S. daily and Sunday newspapers as well as the top 25 newspapers with digital editions. Here’s a closer look at the newspapers reporting gains in print and online audiences in their respective DMAs.

The little paywall that could: Tinypass gets a CEO and some money                                 More publishers of all stripes, including star blogger Andrew Sullivan, are charging visitors for content. This has translated into good news for paywall provider Tinypass

Keep in mind: Reporters are no longer given time to report                                                  One thing nobody mentions is that many reporters are no longer given *time* to report. For print (or whatever you want to call today’s newspaper/magazine biz), they’re too busy blogging, Tweeting, dashing out “breaking news” alerts/writethrus, and otherwise upping online page views with right-now quick takes

The newsonomics of the body shop                                                                                            The arrival of the web knocked the news industry’s relationships — with advertisers and with readers — out of alignment. But there are signs a few small repairs are working.

Users trust social media as news source                                                                                 Voter trust in political information from Facebook, Twitter and other social media services is now on par with that in traditional news sources, according to a new survey

Newspaper readers are not graying as quickly as reported                                                  First, the numbers don’t track with any commensurate significant drop in newspaper readership in the Pew data set.

Publishers Must Think Like Agencies                                                                                       Paul Rossi, the managing director at The Economist, has spent the last quarter century at the venerated publication. During that time, he has seen the industry thrown into turmoil  by the shift from analog to digital media.

How news organizations can sell sponsored content without lowering their standards    They want to break out of the constrained 300-pixel display ad box that everyone’s eyes have learned to ignore, and leap into the stream of engaging content that readers actually pay attention to. Welcome to the brave new world of sponsored content.

7 new start-ups newspaper companies need to pay attention to now                                  New media channels play a bigger role than simply promoting and distributing the content we create. The sooner newspapers recognize the true value of innovative start-ups such as BuzzFeed and Yelp, the sooner we can harness the tools these new potential partners have to offer.

Do advertisers know well-targeted print ads can increase ROI 240%?                     Promising early research findings show that newspaper advertising campaigns can deliver good ROI on short notice and boost brand awareness for future sales.

HuffPo CEO Jimmy Maymann: ‘We don’t see traditional online ads as the future’                In the face of stagnant growth in traditional advertising, digital publishers are looking to sponsored content as an alternative route, something Buzzfeed has been doing well, and The Atlantic has been doing less well recently.

No Papers Getting It Right In Digital                                                                                         Dan Kennedy, veteran media critic and assistant professor at Northeastern University’s School of Journalism, says newspapers are falling short when it comes to digital, with many hampered by clumsy paywalls and too much debt on their books.

Why Advertising Through RTB Needs a New Buying Model                                                  For decades, cost per thousand (CPM) pricing has controlled how nearly all advertising is bought and sold and how different media properties are compared. 

For The New York Times, redesigns happen in print, too                                                          If you picked up a print copy of The New York Times today — you do remember print, right? where newspapers still make most of their money? — you would have seen a little note from the editor on the first page of the Science Times section

Robot News Curator NewsCred Launches Human Editorial Team                            NewsCred has become a big player in the news business by using algorithms to bring relevant stories to clients looking for content. Now, the tech intensive company is adding a new product to its mix — humans.

Chronicle’s New Pay Site Spurs Competitors                                                                            The Houston Chronicle — often praised for its diverse blogs — remains a powerhouse online, and it’s hoping to turn that prominence into more revenue with a new, premium website launched late last year.

Digital Subscriptions Might Be Going Up for NYT Readers                                                There is some buzz going around Twitter right now about a possible double (or triple) price increase on digital subscriptions to the New York Times.

Local Digital Ads Take Center Stage for SMBs                                                                       Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are showing increased enthusiasm for local advertising, with its ability to target a specific consumer, in the region or around the corner.

A Quarter of US Households Now Have a TV Connected to the Internet                     Analysis of data sets from multiple research firms and other sources suggests 25% growth in adoption in 2012

Print’s financial future may last longer than expected, according to new reports                 As this year begins, three notable reports share the same conclusion about the future of news: The path we are on is uncertain and debatable. But two of the three studies now see an extended economic shelf life for print, even as audiences swing digital and the search for viable digital news products continues.

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