Newspapers Digital First News Summary-2/15/13

tablet logoNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences and growing digital audiences and engagement in order to develop a sustainable model for the future.   In this update, see how newspapers are working to meet that challenge including how Paywalls Help Boost Gannett’s Bottom Line

Guardian CEO Andrew Miller on paywalls, mobile, and going global                                    The story of the news industry at the moment is the interplay between contraction and expansion.

Audience data opens up new revenue doors for premium publishers                                     As audience data becomes an increasingly valuable commodity in the digital advertising ecosystem, premium publishers are looking for ways to leverage their “first-party” data into new products and services, including retargeting.

YouTube will start charging for premium content                                                          YouTube plans to launch paid subscriptions as early as this spring, according to a report in AdAge, and is asking media companies with large YouTube followings to submit ideas for paid channels that would cost a couple of dollars a month.

Tablets quickly becoming the ‘go-to transaction screen’                                                             A new study finds that almost a quarter of U.S. tablet users spend at least $50 per month buying goods and services via the device, while 9% spend $100 or more.

Philly Guild agrees to 2.5% pay cut; Inquirer/Daily News pledge to keep print editions            The union representing Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News newsroom employees and management reached a tentative agreement for a new two-year contract today.

The newsonomics of Aaron Kushner’s virtuous circles                                                            The Orange County Register is betting on an expanded newsroom and a stronger connection to the community. Will the numbers add up?

Size Matters In Real Time Bidding – But How You Use it Matters Most                          There are literally thousands of online publishers seeking to monetize the “unique” traffic visiting their websites.

Paywalls Help Boost Gannett’s Bottom Line                                                                      Gannett Co. reported strong fourth quarter financial results, including a 29% increase in digital revenue companywide. Total operating revenue for the company was $1.52 billion during the fourth quarter, 9.4% higher than the same quarter last year.

Times Free Press Says Ad Revenues No Longer Sustaining Paper; Must Turn To Higher Subscriber Charges Chattanooga Times Free Press Chairman and Publisher Walter Hussman Jr. said in a Saturday “letter to our readers” that advertising revenues are no longer adequate to sustain the newspaper.

How mobile coupons could clip newspapers                                                                              The rapidly expanding adoption of mobile couponing is poised to become a major challenge to one of the most profitable and important revenue streams remaining for newspapers: preprint advertising circulars. 

Digital First Media is working on paywalls, even though it really doesn’t want to             John Paton, the CEO of the Digital First Media chain, says that he doesn’t believe paywalls or subscription models are the solution to the industry’s problems, but he is experimenting with them anyway.

Why digital natives hate newspapers                                                                                   Several years ago, The Washington Post convened a series of focus groups to learn why most people younger than 45 did not subscribe to the newspaper — a problem persisting to this day throughout the overwhelmingly print-centric industry.

Real time bidding for dummies                                                                                       Automated online ad trading, better known as real time bidding (RTB), promises to revolutionise the way we advertise online. 

Would you watch a video to access content? Selectable Media thinks so, expands to mobile  Some people won’t pay to see online content. But there’s a chance they’re willing to watch an ad or fill out a survey instead.

The case for paywalls: Gannett gains while Digital First experiments                         Gannett’s fourth quarter earnings report this week put to rest the idea that digital paid subscriptions will only work for the biggest newspaper organizations like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. 

OC Register, Pittsburgh dailies ready meters                                                                           The Orange County (Calif.) Register, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Roanoke (Va.) Times and The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot are among major dailies that will launch metered paywalls in 2013.

C.W. Anderson on metro newspapers’ decline                                                                          The author of “Rebuilding the News: Metropolitan Journalism in the Digital Age” talks about what he saw in Philadelphia as the business came tumbling down.

There are about half as many copy editors today as 10 years ago                                        The decline of newspapers has fallen especially hard on copy editors, Natascia Lypny writes.

Don’t like television? Then you’re not going to like the future of Twitter very much   Twitter is said to be looking at acquiring Bluefin Labs, which would fit the trajectory that the real-time information network has been on for some time. But is cozying up to traditional TV the only future for Twitter?

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