Newspapers Digital First News Summary-2/22/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences and growing digital audiences and engagement in order to develop a sustainable model for the future.   In this update, see how newspapers are working to meet that challenge including how Newspapers Turning Ideas into Dollars

NYT & Mark Thompson’s First Report: Unsteady as She Goes                                           New York Times watchers were looking forward to hearing new CEO Mark Thompson’s plummy tones this morning, as he hosted the company’s quarterly earnings report for the first time. This report also included full-year, 2012.

What would a New York Times for the youngs look like?                                                       The New York Times is considering some kind of “entry-level” product aimed at a younger audience. What would this product look like and what should it cost?

2012 Coupons Not The Same As 2011 Coupons                                                             According to NCH (Marketing Services,) 305 billion coupons were distributed by CPG marketers in 2012, exactly the same number as 2011. On the surface, that might appear as if there was no change at all.

Addressing Shopping Carts Abandoners Through Site Retargeting                                   When you look at visitors who visit your website, you can generally plot them across a spectrum.

Older adults find it easier to read on tablets                                                                          Older readers may still prefer their printed book or newspaper, but an eye-opening new study suggests that reading on a tablet is actually better for them.

The Boston Globe tightens up as executives seek ‘the optimal balance’ between free and paid The flexible paywall that The Boston Globe introduced for its subscription websiteabout a year and a half ago has slowly gotten a little less flexible.

Mobile Internet use to surge                                                                                                  Mobile Internet use will continue to surge over the next five years, at a rate of 66 percent each year, as the world gets its hands on more mobile devices and more machines are connected to each other and the Web.

At New York Times, 65% of digital-only subscribers are ‘entirely new’                               The New York Times has analyzed its digital-only subscriber base and found that nearly two-thirds are “entirely new” customers.

Circulation and ad revenue down at McClatchy                                                         McClatchy’s circulation revenues were down in the fourth quarter of 2012, the company said in an earnings report released Thursday morning. Circulation revenue fell 1.9 percent, and advertising revenue was down 6 percent.

The newsonomics of pressing innovation                                                                                      In Ohio, The Columbus Dispatch is finding returns on reinventing its oldest platform — print.

Apple planning ‘iPhone 5S’ and new 5-inch ‘iPhone 6’ for 2013                                                  A new report out of the Far East claims Apple will release both an upgraded “iPhone 5S” as well as a new “iPhone 6” with a larger 5-inch screen this year.

Five ways media companies can build paywalls around people instead of content    Hundreds of traditional publishers have erected paywalls around their content, but there is much to be gained by focusing monetization on individuals rather than an entire newspaper.

Newspapers Turning Ideas into Dollars                                                                                        In America’s embattled newspaper industry, some business innovations are showing clear signs of success, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center.

How 4 newspaper organizations created new revenue streams                                            U.S. newspaper organizations are shedding print ad revenue far faster than they can generate replacement dollars, reported Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism a year ago, and those organizations remain stubbornly resistant to innovation — except for a few outliers.

New York Times plugs big leak in paywall                                                                                The New York Times has finally closed a popular loophole that let readers circumvent its paywall by chopping off the end of a story’s website address.

Losses slowed at A.H. Belo Corporation in 2012                                                                          Belo Corporation Announces Full-Year 2012 and Fourth Quarter Net Income

Reactor Labs Launches Winston News Reader App                                                                  We get our news from a lot of places these days — TV, newspapers, the Web, mobile apps, social networks. Having these multiple resources is certainly nice, but it can also be time-consuming trying to check them all in order to get the news that’s most important to you

This publisher is spending to grow                                                                                           What does Aaron Kushner know that no one else does?

Gain Insight Into Shopper’s Purchasing Patterns                                                                   Let’s say you hired a private investigator to track customers who visited your literal store. 

The NYT’s newspaper industry rarity: growth                                                                        The New York Times’s landmark metered paywall will be two years old next month, and it’s already successful beyond anyone’s expectations.

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