Newspapers Digital First News Summary-3/01/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences and growing digital audiences and engagement in order to develop a sustainable model for the future.   In this update, see how newspapers are working to meet that challenge including advice to Forget the youth target and go for the money

New Sections Help Newspapers Boost Revenue                                                                  Green Shoot Media has released five new sections to help newspapers drive advertising revenue this spring.

Trinity’s ‘Newsroom 3.0’ plan rolls out nationwide                                                  Journalists working across all Trinity Mirror’s regional papers are bracing themselves for the introduction of a new working model called “Newsroom 3.0”.

The Newsonomics of Zero, and the New York Times                                                      Perhaps zero is the loneliest number.

Report: 30% Of Online Ads Are Never Seen                                                                               Of nearly 6 trillion display ad impressions delivered in 2012, an average of three in 10 ads are never rendered in view, according to comScore’s new “Digital Future In Focus” report released this week.

4 (slightly offbeat) revenue ideas for newspapers                                                                     As ad pages and subscriber numbers dwindle at many newspapers, publishers need more creative ways to monetize their paper’s brand.

Is Newspaper Circulation and Readership Falling or Rising?                                                 To believe various reports about print media, notably newspapers that have seen a marked transformation in recent years and dip in circulation figures, one can’t blame readers for being confused.

Web Tags Surged 53% in 2012                                                                                                  Push for Better Monetization Leads to Dramatic Rise in Technologies Collecting Data Online

5 reasons mobile will disrupt journalism like the Internet did a decade ago             Imagine being able to rewind to the 1990s and help your news organization make key decisions — and create new habits — to help prevent a landslide of layoffs and enable the business to thrive on the Internet. That’s the opportunity we have today with mobile, the second tidal wave of change about to collide with the news industry.

Boston Globe will ‘untangle’ its two websites                                                                          The difference between and isn’t clear to “many people in this community and people in this newsroom,” Boston Globe Editor Brian McGrory told Poynter in a phone interview Friday

Forget the popular youth target and go for the money                                                 Although numerous studies show that older adults spend more and buy more “stuff” than younger adults, advertisers consistently ignore them. Newspapers should capitalise on that neglect, by targeting this overlooked and valuable market.

INMA: Papers’ Big Rev Growth In Vid, Mobile                                                         Newspapers will need to curb print advertising losses with a range of different revenue sources, and video, mobile and search are the top prospects for 2013

“Tampa Bay Times Launches ‘Reimagined’ Web Site –”                             The search is smarter. The stories are easier to read. The site is filled with more video. No matter what size screen you’re on, the site automatically detects it and adjusts itself to fit.  

Price vs volume and why newspapers should put their prices up faster                          When it comes to media economics – which is more powerful? Price, or volume? Should we sell more stuff or raise prices?

Publishers say paywalls, price hikes are working for newspapers                                     Four top publishers Tuesday reaffirmed their commitment to print and discussed revenue ideas for bolstering their products.

Times-Picayune publisher: ‘This is chapter two’                                                                     The Times-Picayune’s digital-first strategy is working, the publisher said at a conference Tuesday.

The intersection between tech and content                                                                           What should newspaper publishing in the digital age look like ?

Print’s Not Dead Yet, But Diversify                                                                                         Print is far from dead, but in order to remain viable businesses, newspapers need to diversify their revenue streams as quickly as possible.

The newsonomics of The Boston Globe’s sale                                                                         Will The New York Times Co., in a final act of stewardship, take less money for the Globe if it means selling to a buyer who’ll keep its journalism strong?

Boston Globe’s 28,000 digital subscribers: a flop or a foothold?                                        The Boston Globe can be seen as a bellwether for metropolitan newspapers. Its digital strategy so far appears to be off to a slow start but some see more to the story.

How McClatchy teaches 30 papers to sell digital                                                                        A critical strategic goal for most local media companies is to learn how to grow digital revenue – rather than focusing most resources on managing traditional revenue streams.

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Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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