Newspapers Digital First News Summary-3/15/13

tablet logoNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including how Publishers are charging more for digital content and offering less free.

The newsonomics of selling Main Street                                                                            Whether you call it marketing services, digital services, or something else, it’s the new point of emphasis for newspaper companies.

The Banner Industrial Complex Under Threat                                                                            If you love the sight of Web pages packed with banner ads, take a good look and savor the moment; it may not last for long.

Pandora Puts 40-Hr Monthly Limit On Mobile                                                                      The online radio service is capping its mobile listerners at 40 hours of free music per month to help it manage the rising cost of royalty fees

Content marketing is our next big revenue threat — unless we embrace it now          Rather than view content marketing as a threat, news media companies need to see an exciting opportunity worth exploring right now. Otherwise, we’ll be edged out by the new competition — our own advertising clients.

How much could The Guardian make by putting up a paywall?                                           The Guardian has to do something to curb its £44 million-a-year losses and cost cutting can only go so far.

Groupon shares dive 24 percent on underwhelming forecast                                      Groupon Inc lost almost a quarter of its market value on Wednesday after the company began to take a smaller cut of revenue on daily deals, sacrificing revenue and profits to attract and keep merchants.

This Story Stinks -How Readers See Online Commenting                                                       IN the beginning, the technology gods created the Internet and saw that it was good. Then someone invented “reader comments” and paradise was lost.

“10 Newspapers That Do It Right 2013”                                                                                      As newspapers trudge on through report after report of declining ad sales, shrinking audience, and waning relevancy, they are also, thankfully, getting better at tooting their own horns.

Raju Narisetti on designing for mobile, the paywall fallacy, and reinventing ads                “If anybody out there thinks a paywall is going to solve our industry’s problems in itself, they’re in for a very rude surprise.”

Washington Post Tries Sponsored Posts                                                                               There was a time when putting ads on the front page of newspapers was considered risque. Those days are over. The Washington Post became the latest publisher to quit worrying and learn to love sponsored content.

Why Retail Apps Should Worry Publishers”                                                                         From Best Buy to CVS and from Kroger to Macy’s, the biggest buyers of newspaper advertising have launched sophisticated smartphone apps to establish increasingly direct and profitable relationships with individual customers.

The Atlantic hires new digital sales exec as part of its ‘big data’ build-out                         The concept of “big data” is disrupting most industries, including publishing.

Amazon Patents Gravity-Based Links                                                                                Amazon has patented a system that pulls the pointer toward a link or button, just the thing to help you click links — and buy products associated with those links.

Publishers are charging more for digital content and offering less free                      According to Press+ data, the average price of a monthly digital subscription is now $9.26 — up from $6.85 at the beginning of 2012.

Microsoft, Apple and the mixed blessing that is Office for iPad                                       Office for iPad is the most dangerous of things. It’s a rumor, a myth that has enough clout to either earn Microsoft billions or bring about the fall of Windows 8 and Surface.

Chicago Tribune finally offers tablets to new subscribers                                                        In the August of 2011, Mark Milian broke the news that Tribune Co. was working on a tablet that it planned to offer to subscribers. Months later word leaked out that the company was testing MediaPad tablets made by Huawei Technologies Co. of China.

Deseret Throws Down Digital Gauntlet                                                                             Deseret Digital CEO Clark Gilbert, speaking Tuesday at the Borrell Local Online Advertising Conference, urged legacy media companies, specifically newspapers, to shift their thinking from a sense of what they yet have to lose to a view of what they have to gain in the digital sphere.

Native advertising and the role of ‘brand editors’                                                                      As publishers add native advertising and other content marketing services to their product portfolios, there’s a growing need for business-side editorial teams to manage this content.

Marketers See Potential in Tracking Users Across Devices                                             Cross-channel tracking – locating and targeting users whether they are on PC, tablet, or mobile – has become somewhat of a mantra, not only among marketers but also investors who see potential gold in the promise of simplifying this process.

Search Retargeting Offers Lower Cost Per Click Than Search Marketing                     Search retargeting offers marketers the ability to engage searchers more often and at a significantly lower cost per click than search marketing.

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