Newspapers Digital First News Summary-3/22/13

tablet logoNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including how Media companies must take a stand on audience value.

Boston Globe announces top leadership changes                                                                 Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory has announced a realignment of top editors at the newspaper.

Companies rush to mobile, but online marketing efforts often fall short                                   A new study of 1,300 U.S. marketing executives shows that many companies are rushing to get on the mobile bandwagon, but without a comprehensive strategy that adapts to changes in the market or that includes a plan for measuring results.

Newspaper reading fosters learning, educated voting                                                                Of 1,500 people interviewed by National Association of America Foundation in 2007, only 65 percent voted in the 2004 Presidential Election. Of those, an overwhelming 84 percent had been exposed to newspapers as a child.

Google to take on,, others, with Google Cars                         Google has had its own Google Cars auto listing platform in beta in California’s Bay Area since last summer, but appears ready to roll it out nationwide.

Facebook acquires Storylane, a story-telling platform                                                  Facebook is continuing its talent acquisition spree and has acquired Storylane, a Palo Alto company.

How Newsrooms Can Adopt a Mobile-First Mindset                                                            First, it was the Web. Now, mobile is the “second tidal wave of change about to collide with the news industry

Demographics Vary Across Social Networks                                                                     Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are popular with differing demographics

NY Daily News Releases City Guide App With MyCityWay                                                 Since launching in December 2009, city guide app developer MyCityWay has been providing users with tools to help them navigate their space, from mass transit reports and news to weather and event listings.

Publishers Could Gain More Control as Browsers Curb Behavioral Ads                           There is an interesting twist to the way Safari currently blocks and now Firefox proposes to block third-party cookies.

What newspapers should cover                                                                                                   The way to make room for fresh and relevant coverage, as suggested previously here, is to use graphics instead of words; to stop rehashing stories widely broadcast on television and the web, and to quit writing background-padded articles about incremental but unimportant developments in long-running stories.

Star Media Group’s unconventional ways of filling the revenue gap                                     Star Media Group’s Strategic Investments and New Ventures unit behaves like a start-up finding revenue in ventures from an in-house, content marketing agency to niche content and creative content platforms.

Newspapers are “not dead yet”                                                                                                  Like the old man in a famous Monty Python movie scene, newspapers are not quite dead yet — just ready for the transformation that meaningful investment will bring.

The Orange County Register launches weekly Faith & Values section on Mondays    Another move by The Orange County-expand the depth of information around topics the community is passionate about

Print-on-demand: A way to turn digital products into print revenue without the risk?  Digital publishing used to be an adjunct to print – the icing on the cake of print circulation and advertising that was the foundation of a publisher’s business. Now as print sales slide most publishers are looking instead at a digital only future.

Big publishers sign on to New York Times sticky ad tool                                                        The New York Times offers an ad tool that lets brands use its stories in a unique form of content marketing.

Bellatrix’s Smart-Rak+ Circulation System Taps into Cashless Transactions                    Last year, Bellatrix started talks with USA Today to build a prototype that would allow customers to purchase a newspaper with their smartphone. This transaction can take place at a newspaper rack or indoor display. Called Smart-Rak+, the prototype should be ready for testing by May, Morris said.

Broadsheet-to-compact switch for newspaper trio as relaunches begin                               The Ayrshire local newspaper, the Carrick Gazette, is relaunching today, with a new look, as part of a wider revamping exercise that will see three of its sister titles switch from broadsheet to compact size.

70% of consumers trust advertising in magazines and newspapers more than any other media say consumers in new study                                                                                           New research has revealed that despite important changes in media consumption in recent years, consumers continue to have most trust in advertising in printed media.

Traditional Media Ad Spend Dips Lower as More Dollars Shift to Digital                            B2C products expected to see highest growth in ad spend

Media companies must take a stand on audience value                                                       There must be a serious reconsideration of the value that traditional media organizations bring to the market on behalf of the people who pay the bills: the end consumer. 

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