Newspapers Digital First News Summary-3/29/13

newspaper circulationNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including how The New York Times is growing digital revenue by thinking like a retailer    

Chicago Sun-Times launches new stand-alone universal iOS app                                         The Chicago Sun-Times, the daily newspaper NOT up for sale in the second city, today released a new replica edition app.

Teens and Technology 2013                                                                                         Smartphone adoption among American teens has increased substantially and mobile access to the internet is pervasive.

Wall Street Journal drives subscriptions via mobile                                                                The Wall Street Journal is turning to mobile advertising to increase subscriptions for its print, online, smartphone and tablet editions

The newsonomics of a news company of the future                                                               What will news companies look like in 2018? How will they operate differently?

Can’t We All Just Subscribe? Why ‘Paywalls’ Won’t Get Us Anywhere                               Two media bits and the state of paid journalism.

Combined Staffs, or Separate?                                                                                                     Can newspaper publishers effectively manage separate staffs to manage digital ventures?

WashPo’s New Native Ads: Slippery Slope?                                                                              The Washington Post last week rolled out BrandConnect, its new sponsored content effort. While the newspaper sees it as a potential new revenue stream, the effort, also called native advertising, is full of potential ethical pitfalls.

New Nexus 7 tablet has hi-res display & will debut in May for $249: reports             Google’s original Nexus 7 tablet may have struggled to keep pace with Apple’s iPad mini in recent months, but new reports suggest that that could soon change

New Orleans investor to buy Baton Rouge newspaper                                                            The Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge is reporting that its publisher has signed a letter of intent to sell the paper to New Orleans businessman John Georges.

New studies offer 5 ways publishers can capitalize on mobile trends                                   Now mobile connectivity– people linked to the Web via smart phones and tablets — is poised to thoroughly disrupt news all over again.

Let me interrupt your mobile advertising strategy with some facts                        Consumers tolerate the interruption of most advertising forms in exchange for free or reduced-rate content. But with mobile advertising, they also want to see something useful and/or entertaining.

Washington Post announces a (very leaky) paywall                                                                The Washington Post, the last remaining paywall holdout among major newspapers, will begin charging for content this summer. The paywall, however, is set to be an extremely leaky one — meaning casual readers will have no trouble accessing the site.

Good News Spreads Faster on Social Media                                                                             BAD NEWS SELLS. If it bleeds, it leads. No news is good news, and good news is no news.

Chartbeat Aims to Show Publishers If Their Ads Work                                                       Many a news operation has fallen in love with Chartbeat, the web-analytics software that gives reporters and editors a real-time look into which parts of their websites readers are visiting. Now Chartbeat has begun mining that same publisher data to help digital-media salespeople sell ads on parts of their websites historically dismissed as advertising wastelands.

The New York Times is growing digital revenue by thinking like a retailer                     When first launched its metered model its pop-up call-to-action banner advert that forced its way on too everyone’s screen was, ironically, a huge barrier to new sign-ups.

Google may be readying an Apple Newsstand-like feature called Google Play News, with issues and subscriptions                                                                                                          Google appears to be preparing to launch a newspaper feature called Google Play News, to complement the apps, music, books, magazines, and movies it already offers in its Android store.

Larger U.S. Magazines to Report Per-Issue Data to AAM                                                      The AAM board agreed that U.S. daily newspapers should no longer be required to report five-day averages. As newspapers modify their publishing plans and expand their cross-media distribution channels

Mobile Shopping Catches on with Affluent Consumers                                                           Half of younger affluents have adopted mobile shopping

Traditional digital ad buying needs to be revamped, says ad honcho                               Digital ad purchasing needs to adapt to new technologies and markets, he says, using the example of real-time bidding, a method of matching online advertises with users when those users visit a site. is getting a makeover                                                                                               Tracy Corrigan, who has been promoted to Wall Street Journal digital editor, “will soon embark on a redesign of the look and feel of,” says a memo from editor Gerard Baker.

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