Newspapers Digital First News Summary-5/3/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including how Papers Should Heed MediaXchange Lessons

Online ad revenues up, sponsored content revenues down in 2012.

Papers Should Heed MediaXchange Lessons                                                                         Much of the talk at the Newspaper Association of America’s mediaXchange conference in Orlando, Fla., centered on embracing digital, with shining examples and dire warnings dished out from the likes of The Guardian‘s Alan Rusbridger and IAC’s Barry Diller.

U.S. Wireless Market Reaching Saturation                                                                              The U.S. wireless market is reaching a point where pretty much everyone who wants a mobile phone has one, leaving providers at a point where they have to determine other ways to boost their revenues.

WSJ’s paywall isn’t stopping it from getting Pulitzers                                                Following a post Wednesday by Columbia Journalism Review’s Dean Starkman pointing out the Journal newsroom’s Pulitzer shutout (Bret Stephens did win for commentary this year), another debate about the decline in the paper’s longform storytelling has cropped up.

Personalized Commerce: Coming to an Internet Near You                                           Retailer strategies leveraging data can have a personal effect on buying habits sooner than you know it.

MediaPost Publications Online Display Ad Spending Up 10% In 2012                        Display Internet advertising globally rose 9.9% last year, fueled by a 21.2% gain in Latin America. Display Internet spending, however, made up just 1.9% of total ad spending in 2012. At the other extreme, TV claimed almost two-thirds of ad dollars.
Paywalls did not cause the fall of WSJ longform                                                                 Alexis Madrigal asks whether The Wall Street Journal’s paywall is responsible for its turning away from longform journalism. That one’s easy: No.

A lesson from Warren Buffett: Newspapers’ value rests in their relevance                            A study of Warren Buffett’s 2012 letter to shareholders reveals actionable insight for newspapers

What’s the value of multiple screens?                                                                                  Recent studies show advertising effectiveness remains constant across platforms, is strengthened by a multi-platform approach, and that digital readers feel the need to interact with ads by clicking through for more content.

Why the Star Tribune Fell for Programmatic                                                                Necessity is the mother of invention. With declining ad sales for the last seven years, newspapers — large and small — are forced to find the best ways to squeeze as much revenue from their pages, particularly online where inventory is seemingly infinite

Trinity Mirror CEO Simon Fox on the problem with paywalls, industry consolidation and what’s wrong with metrics  Newspapers in the UK and US are rushing headlong into gated access models, metered systems and paywalls – with even The Sun planning to raise the content drawbridge later this year.

NAA turns feisty, boasting of ad effectiveness and digital subscription success.               The Newspaper Association of America’s annual mediaXchange conference is always part industry promotion, an occasion for expressions of confidence. But at this year’s edition in Orlando last week, those sentiments had a fighting edge.

Content Marketing Rises, But Will It Hurt Paid Ads?                                                            The results show that 86 percent of companies serving consumers and 92 percent of “business to business” companies now use content marketing.

Volkswagen preps iPhone-integrated iBeetle for reveal next week                      Volkswagen is taking iPhone compatibility to new level, with plans to unveil next week the iBeetle, a version of its iconic brand with a built-in docking station and specialized app.

Groupon’s Stock Stumbles                                                                                                   Despite the sharp decline, Groupon’s shares have gained nearly 26% so far in 2013, outperforming the broad market

Newspapers need to juice up the ad content, not just the news                                            The quality of newspaper content is getting some much-needed attention these days, as companies work to justify their print price increases and digital meters/paywalls.

63% of Advertisers Say Brand Marketing Spending Will Increase in 2013                             A recent Nielsen study has found that 63 percent of brand advertisers expect more money to be spent on brand marketing in 2013.

New York Times lifts paywall for video, plans ‘franchises’                                                    The New York Times is no longer restricting non-subscribers’ access to its video content. The move, which comes as the Times tightens other parts of its paywall, is part of the paper’s plans to expand its brand in the video space.

Mobile’s Elite: Younger, Richer Than Marketers Realize                                                       It’s no surprise to any marketer these days that the best targets for its mobile efforts are the young and affluent.

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