Newspapers Digital First News Summary-5/17/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including  Advice for editors: Disrupt your newsroom culture 

The newsonomics of the mobile aggregator roundup                                                 Flipboard, Zite, Pulse, and their peers are giving news companies a second chance at dealing with the rise of aggregators

Majorities in Most Countries Perceive Their Media as Free                                           People worldwide are more likely to believe the media in their countries are free than not

Native’ Is a Means to an End                                                                                                  Native advertising has been the online marketing world’s shiny new object for the better part of a year. Sponsored posts, branded video and search ads could all be fairly characterized as native advertising, as could a full-page denim ad in a fashion magazine or a Coca Cola-sponsored pre-movie quiz if we stretch the definition a bit.

Every page is your homepage: Reuters, untied to print metaphor, builds a modern river of news  Reuters, as a wire service, has the concept of a minute-by-minute stream of news deep in its DNA.

Advice for editors: Disrupt your newsroom culture                                                         Chances are that your newsroom culture needs some disruption

Marketers Should Pay More Attention To Native Ads                                                           Are native ads “consumed” the same way Web surfers consume editorial content?

Think micropayments for media can’t work? Greg Golebiewski says you are wrong   There is a conventional wisdom in the media industry that micropayments for online content don’t work, but Greg Golebiewski of Znak It says that this isn’t true, and that media companies need to experiment with the model.

How The Boston Globe used its dual sites to cover the marathon bombing                  While focused on community outreach and delivering “what you need to know,” delved into traditional reporting backed by multimedia and interactive graphics.

The Dallas Morning News’ paywall is getting a makeover to try to capture digital-only readers  Publisher Jim Moroney says the paper will be adding a “greatly improved, metered paid-access model that is much more consumer friendly in every way.”

OC Register drops adult ads                                                                                                          An Orange County Register spokesperson confirms a report in the OC Weekly that the news organization will no longer accept adult ads.

Advocate owner says he ‘tried to buy’ Times-Picayune                                                          The Baton Rouge, La.-based Advocate announced Wednesday it was hiring four reporters from the Times-Picayune, a paper with which it is engaged in a growing newspaper war.

Study: Consumers Respond to Print Ads                                                                                      A new study from the Newspaper Association of America found that consumers were likely to make a purchase based on information in a print ad. Consumers reported that the used newspaper ads to plan their shopping or obtain coupons.

Newspaper rivalry good for readers                                                                                          The great south Louisiana newspaper war is on. This one is unlike those from the early 20th century in big cities, when the struggle was between two established papers rooted in the same market.

How publishers can win at mobile commerce                                                                             In the never-ending quest by marketers to put the right offer in front of the right consumer at precisely the right time, inner space is becoming the next frontier for mobile commerce – and a major opportunity for newspaper publishers.

Philadelphia Inquirer returns to newsstands on Saturdays                                                   The Saturday paper will return to newsstands this weekend after nearly a two-year absence.

How publishers are failing to deliver mobile advertising, and what you can do about it  Everyone’s talking about cross-platform media, but not many brands are doing it well – especially when it comes to advertising

New York Post’ offers buyouts; seeks 10-percent staff reduction in attempt to avoid layoffs The New York Post is offering voluntary buyouts to newsroom employees, editor-in-chief Col Allan informed the staff  in a memo obtained by Capital.

This is the best moment to be in journalism                                                                          Even though you love working in media and mostly love the other people who do, too, it got to be really depressing.

Hearst Hires Troy Young as Digital Media Chief                                                               Hearst Magazines, the publisher of such venerable titles as Esquire and Cosmopolitan, said on Wednesday that it was creating a new position, president of digital media

More groups organize against the Koch brothers buying Tribune’s newspapers.              The possibility of Charles and David Koch buying Tribune Co.’s newspapers “has struck a nerve in this liberal corner of the country,” The New York Times reports from Los Angeles.

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