Newspapers Digital First News Summary-5/24/13

tablet logoNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on how Content Marketing’s Got a Quality Problem  

How publishers can win at mobile commerce                                                                               In the never-ending quest by marketers to put the right offer in front of the right consumer at precisely the right time, inner space is becoming the next frontier for mobile commerce – and a major opportunity for newspaper publishers. 

Jurnid allows journalists to set their own paywall                                                                   New site will let journalists monetize their work as well as offering a platform for mentorship

Newsroom jobs: We know about the big fall, but why the big rise in the ’80s?                   The plunge in newsroom jobs has been a big story in the industry over the last six or seven years, for obvious reasons. But a look at the bigger picture — newsroom employment over a span 30 years or so — add some interesting perspectives.

Postmedia expands digital pay meter to all its newspapers                                        Postmedia Network Canada Corp. is extending a digital pay meter to its remaining properties on Tuesday. The move means online readers of theNational Post will be asked to register for online accounts after reading 10 articles for free.

Web Browsers Are Reinvented                                                                                              Mobile phones, wearable devices and self-driving cars are generating buzz as the future of technology. But the old Web browser is being reinvented too, in a trend with implications for how consumers work and entertain themselves online.

New research finds 92 percent of time spent on news consumption is still on legacy platforms. Here is a surprising statistic from leading consultants McKinsey and Company: When you measure news consumption in the U.S. by time spent, rather than raw audience numbers, digital platforms are getting only 8 percent of the action.

Financial Times joins Flipboard, says it’s a better deal than Apple                                       The Financial Times is the latest publisher to strike a partnership with Flipboard. The deal is interesting because the FT recently left another third-party platform, iTunes.

The newsonomics of where NewsRight went wrong                                                                    It was promoted as a way for the newspaper industry to protect its content and generate a new revenue stream. What does NewsRight’s quiet death tell us about the state of the business?

Newspaper carrier saves person from fire while on duty                                                     Steve Bradshaw, a newspaper carrier for Warren Buffett-owned World Media Enterprises, pulled a man from a burning house Sunday

Netflix accounts for 1/3 of nightly home Internet traffic, Apple’s iTunes takes 2%          Data sent from iTunes represents 1.9 percent of North American Internet traffic every night, a share beyond all other competing digital storefronts, but also well behind the bandwidth served up by Netflix.

Media’s role in the digital commerce revolution                                                                       The integration of content and commerce has been overshadowed somewhat by the debate around sponsored blogs and other forms of native advertising.

Content Marketing’s Got a Quality Problem                                                                      Content marketing promised publishers an alternative to stuffing the bottom of their pages with pay-per-click ads. Instead, they could run links to high-quality content from recognized publishers. It’s not even advertising, they said. It’s content.

Tampa Trib To Offer LocalEdge SMB Services                                                                        The newspaper is teaming up with Hearst Corp.’s digital marketing company to offer Tampa, Fla.-area SMBs a full suite of digital marketing services, including website design and hosting, online video, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing and more.

Sun paywall needs more than 300,000 subscribers to cover outlay, say analysts           Sun+ service predicted to result in drop in online ad revenue with NI also paying £30m-plus for digital Premier League rights

You have to admire the ambition                                                                                                The Tribune Company which houses the Los Angeles Times, The Balitimore Sun and The Chicago Tribune is up for sale! The Bad News: The only people who are bidding on it right now are infamous right-wing Billionaires, who are likely to pay something around a $660 Million pricetag to control a big slice of trusted news media.

Miami Herald officially moves to new headquarters                                                                  “It was the building we all loved to hate — until the day it was sold in 2011,” Herald Executive Editor Mindy Marques wrote in March

Co-CEOs Of Groupon Believe The Daily Deal Company Can Generate $100 Billion        Since Andrew Mason departed from Groupon everyone has been wondering – what’s next? Will Groupon continue their downward spiral? Will the daily deal site pull it together?

How Google Is Becoming the Magazine Industry’s New Best Friend                                  After siphoning off billions of dollars that used to go to print advertising, Google’s practices in recent months have provided a huge boost to many magazine publishers.

62pc of affluent adults prefer to purchase online: report                                                        The majority of affluent consumers prefer to purchase products and services online rather than going into a store or through another method

Retailers embrace in-store mapping via smartphones to facilitate shopping                          In a sign of the growing role that mobile plays in the in-store shopping experience, more than 12,000 retail locations, including those of Walgreens and The Home Depot are offering indoor searchable store maps accessible from a smartphone.

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