Newspapers Digital First News Summary-5/31/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including New methods for measuring & improving audience engagement

Reaching, And Keeping, Digital Readers                                                                                      The mature digital channel—are most profitable and will remain at the top for the foreseeable future. And tablets, not their smaller smartphone counterparts, are showing the strongest signs of revenue growth

New methods for measuring & improving audience engagement                           Engagement is an overused word in digital media but it still effectively summarizes a primary goal of most publishers or advertisers.

Will Google News Kill Sponsored Content?                                                                                    A few weeks ago, Google, prompted by the increasing prevalence of sponsored content within news outlets, announced that it would not include sponsored content in the search results for Google News.

How some news orgs use Tumblr                                                                                             What do you do with a blog service full of cat GIFs and memes? If you’re Yahoo, you buy it for $1.1 billion. If you’re a media outlet, you use Tumblr as an extension of your brand.

New York Times CEO calls digital pay model “most successful” decision in years                 In a speech to Columbia business school graduates, the CEO of the New York Times described the company’s role in media disruption.

Gannett asks employees to use their social networks for Red Cross fundraising                   As Oklahoma struggles to recover from the impact of yesterday’s devastating tornado, Gannett will for the first time launch a cross-company campaign called “Gannett Cares.”

Newspaper Companies Invest Another $9M In Local Deal Startup Wanderful Media  Wanderful Media has raised another $9 million from the long list of newspaper and media companies that were already backing the startup and its local deal service Find&Save.

Microsoft Hopes Xbox Will Rule Living Rooms                                                                          For the past two years, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has outsold its rivals. But it’s been eight years since that entertainment console came out, and Microsoft is the last of the three major console makers to unveil a new system, Xbox One.

New Survey Finds That Your Smartphone Could Be Worth $12,000                    Smartphone addicted Americans have something to feel good about.

Display Audiences & Data                                                                                               Advertising and marketing have changed changed dramatically over the years… that’s fair to say. Sure traditional advertising mediums are still in use, but all of the buzz these days seems to be around digitial advertising and the internet.

The No. 1 reason for optimism about the future of newspapers? Our audiences Newspapers’ commanding — and continuing — hold on audiences across platforms hints that the medium’s future will be secure for years to come.

Online Auto Advertising To Grow 26%                                                                                          A radical shift in the way auto dealers and manufacturers are marketing themselves is pulling advertising money away from TV, radio and newspapers — which have traditionally relied heavily on auto ads to generate revenue — and driving it to digital outlets

Small Town Newspaper Catches Paper Thief                                                                             “It is an honor system, we trust people are going to take what you pay for,” said Tony Henson, circulation director for KNE.

Daily Mail publisher’s print revenues slide                                                                           DMGT hit by fall in print ad income and circulation, but digital surge is led by 61% year-on-year revenue rise at Mail Online

Report: A Quarter Of Laptops Will Have Touch Screens Soon                                                 By 2015, one fifth of all laptops shipped across the world will have touch screens, and by 2016 that ratio will have risen to one in four.

Hearst Taps Two Execs to “Redefine” SF Chronicle for Digital Age                                  Media giant Hearst has hired two senior execs — Demand Media’s Joanne Bradford and former Los Angeles Times CEO Jeffrey Johnson — in a significant move to digitally turbocharge and jumpstart the San Francisco Chronicle and its website.

The Newsonomics of Time and Money, and Google Surveys                                               What happens when a reader hits the paywall? Only a small percentage slap their foreheads, say “Why didn’t I subscribe earlier?” and pay up. Most go away; some will come back next month when the meter resets. A few will then subscribe; others just go elsewhere.

As Publishers Play Defense, Innovators Move Ahead                                                     Paywalls continue to spring up across the news landscape while new-media enthusiasts warn that gated news is a throwback to a bygone age.

On 1-year anniversary of Times-Picayune announcement, photographer looks at print readership  One year ago today, spurred by a New York Times story, The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune announced it would reduce staff and print frequency.

Gannett Blog: USAT | How to get by with fewer reporters                                                   USA Today recently reduced staffing again, eliminating as much as 10% of its editorial ranks in another bid to cut costs amid slowing digital revenue growth rates.

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