Newspapers Digital First News Summary-6/7/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including Instagram for newsrooms: A community tool, a reporting tool, a source of Web content

iPad shipments could see first ever year-on-year decline in Q2, analyst says                    Due to a combination of seasonality and heightened competition from Android device makers, shipments of Apple’s iPad may see a year-on-year drop for the first time since debuting in 2010

Mobile influences 45pc of in-store purchases                                                                      Almost half of consumers surveyed in a new report from InMobi said that mobile impacted an in-store purchase, showing the key role that the medium plays in influencing consumers to shop.

Kroger drives convenience for loyalty members with new mobile features                 Grocery store chain Kroger is leveraging mobile to make its loyalty program more convenient for members

Forget ‘Showrooming’: 77% of Mobile Retail Shoppers Buy In-Store                                 Don’t look now, but the smartphone might end up being more friend than foe to the retail industry.

Instagram for newsrooms: A community tool, a reporting tool, a source of Web content  For news organizations, Instagram isn’t just about pretty pictures. It’s about the people they’re interacting with and the stories behind the images.

Hearst Is the Latest Publisher to Jump On Native Ad Trend                                           Hearst Magazines is the latest publisher to join the native ad gold rush, with new products that will let advertisers run their messages into editorial real estate and, if desired, incorporate edit-produced content.

Advice for editors from Nancy March: The balancing act                                                        Put it in context : Newspapers build a product from start to finish in a day’s time — every day — and with so much emphasis on what we have daily, we have to also know what we can set aside until tomorrow.

Native Ad Terminology is a Mess                                                                                               The native advertising industry is so new that nobody can agree what it means in the first place.

The New York Times experiments with native advertising…on two wheels                       The New York Times just released an update to its New York City things-to-do app The Scoop that includes a new feature: real-time information on the location and capacity of nearby Citi Bike stations.

Forbes Makes Ad Content Equal To Editorial                                                                           Are local publishers and editors ready for Lewis D’Vorkin’s radical proposition: All content, editorial and advertising alike, is created equal?

The future of news, as viewed from 1993: What we got right, and very wrong                   For journalism, the future isn’t what it used to be. Especially when viewed from two decades ago.

Why rifles are better than shotguns when it comes to subscriber acquisition                    Each year at budget time, circulation executives ask how they should allocate their news media company’s acquisition budgets among channels.

The Social Media Editor is Dead                                                                                                    As one senior editor at a leading news outlet told me, “I both agree that the social media editor is dead and I just hired a social media editor.”

The newsonomics of climbing the ad food chain                                                                   Digital advertising is still growing — but not for publishers, many of which are struggling to get past zero growth. How can a news company compete with the Googles and Facebooks for advertiser dollars?

Parade Tries a New Appeal to Digital Readers                                                                    Parade magazine is introducing a new logo this Sunday for the first time in more than 30 years, adopting a look reminiscent of Parade in the 1950s.

News Corp promises relentless cuts at newspapers                                                                 The cornerstone of the company will be its balance sheet – more than $2 billion in cash – to buffer the company and appease investors in the long term.

13 Alarming Stats About Retail in Digital                                                                              Digital technology is forcing retailers to redefine how they market and sell to consumers.

Mary Meeker’s latest Internet trends: Still a big upside for mobile                                Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers analyst Mary Meeker’s annual State of the Internet report is always a must-read for business professionals in the digital space

How data can help publishers with that awkward print-to-digital transition                      The shift from print to digital business models can be jarring for many if not most publishers.

New York Times looks at sponsored stories, expanding ads and that may be a good thing The New York Times has disavowed the current trend towards “native advertising” but a report suggests it is close to embracing it.

A Majority of U.S. Mobile Users Are Now Smartphone Users                                             More than 50% of U.S. mobile phone users are now smartphone users, according to a new report by research firm eMarketer . The scales officially tipped last year, as smartphone market share among mobile phone users increased 11 percentage points from the year before.

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