Newspapers Digital First News Summary-6/28/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on 4 steps that will destroy your digital subscription dreams 

As publishers’ digital subscription models take hold, the focus turns to renewals          Digital subscription revenue accounted for just 2% of total magazine circulation revenue in 2012 but will reach a 12% share by 2017

OC Reg Launches Print Paper In Santa Ana                                                                             The Orange County Register is reversing the industry trend and launching a new print product.The new community paper, the Santa Ana Register, will be delivered with the OC Register to subscribers in Santa Ana every Thursday.

Twitter and Traditional Media: Rivals or Lovers?                                                                    At last month’s Milken Institute Global Conference, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel said he thinks Twitter will outlast The Times. His reasoning: Its business strategy is more solid than that of the storied newspaper.

Floundering news start-ups need help                                                                             Although nearly $26 million was donated to 50 non-profit journalism start-ups in recent years, most are flubbing the mission-critical task of finding ways to financially sustain their efforts for the long term. 

4 steps that will destroy your digital subscription dreams                                                        As you contemplate the roll-out of a paid content model for your news company, take care not to damage your credibility and the already-strong relationship you have with readers.

Why news companies should steal a page from Amazon’s book on diversifying revenue Ten months after taking a four-day course in how to sell books, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos launched a company that revolutionised the book-selling industry. Now he’s doing the same for advertising using data. News media companies should sit up and take notice.

Sacramento Bee finds sometimes it’s more about participation than presentation             In need of a presentation tool flexible enough to inform a crowd or a couple, The Sacramento Bee built an adaptive design Web site on a WordPress platform that’s already won rave reviews.

The Pageview is Dead                                                                                                       Pageviews are the simplest way of measuring traffic, traffic is the easiest way to sell advertising, and selling advertising is the easiest way for publishers to make money online. But ….

In defense of pageviews                                                                                                    Pageviews have something of a bad reputation. They have given us stories like “Baby Donkey In Casts”, “The Entire State Of The Global Economy Explained By Swiss Watches” and “Look At These Bizarre Meat Portraits Of Obama And Romney”

Google: video ads for news tripled last year, 2 in 5 bought ads for first time     Doubleclick, an ad service owned by Google, published new findings that suggest the online video ad market is rapidly becoming bigger and more diverse.

Mobile Press-Register 200th Anniversary: A timeline of Mobile’s newspaper                 The Press-Register and today launch their celebration of the Press-Register’s 200 years of service as Mobile, Baldwin and the Gulf Coast’s newspaper.

Study: 7-in-10 Mississippians are regular newspaper readers                                                  A new study finds more than seven in 10 Mississippi adults read a printed daily, Sunday or weekly newspaper during an average week.

Tallahassee Sunday back to $2, with an apology; reduction followed 15% circulation decline In a blog post, Executive Editor Bob Gabordi writes about theTallahassee Democrat’s “big” mistake in conjunction with the Gannett-wide launch of paywalls last year.

Forecast Shows Media Markets Stabilizing                                                                            PwC has issued its 14th annual outlook for the global entertainment and media industry, and the trends are mostly positive – or at least not horrendous – for mainstream media through 2017.

Data show why newspapers still need to look good on smartphones.                                Pew announced research showing that one-third of American adults own tablets. And while tablets can be wonderful ways to experience newspapers’ online offerings, publishers should not forget the far less sexy, and increasingly common, smartphone.

Reflections of a Newsosaur: Floundering news start-ups need help                          Although nearly $26 million was donated to 50 non-profit journalism start-ups in recent years, most are flubbing the mission-critical task of finding ways to financially sustain their efforts for the long term.

Local Mobile Ad Spend To Double In ’13                                                                            Mobile is expected to become a bigger piece of the local mobile advertising landscape in 2013, rising from $1.5 billion last year to $3.2 billion in 2013, according to Borrell Associates’ new Local Ad Spending Report.

Viewability: Nearly Half of Online Ads Aren’t Seen                                                    ComScore raised eyebrows with research last year showing 31% of online display ads are never actually viewed, but upon further review, things are even worse…

This isn’t another ‘golden age’ for print                                                                                 Every time a media critic insists that print’s not dead, he or she inadvertently ends up making the opposite case.

Tide goes out on News Corp.’s newspapers                                                                               It’s not a great sign that the Times of London is laying off 20 editorial staffers just as it parent company is splitting in two.

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