Newspapers Digital First News Summary-7/12/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on Why the sign-up experience is holding back digital subscriptions

No, native advertising in print is not going to save newspapers                                       There is no magic bullet.

How Walgreens leveraged mobile, digital to build 72M member loyalty program              A Walgreens executive at Forrester’s Forum For Customer Experience Professionals East said that the retailer has acquired 72 million loyalty members in the past nine months by focusing on mobile and digital as key components to an omnichannel approach.

Why the sign-up experience is holding back digital subscriptions                        Disappointing digital subscription numbers have nothing to do with content and design and everything to do with clunky online sign-up experiences that unnecessarily lump print and digital together.

Advertising Content Done Right                                                                                       Wrought by the pressures of ad technology’s dismembering the overall value of CPMs, publishers have started creating content for brands.

OC Register Owners To Launch Daily Newspaper In Long Beach                                      Long Beach residents are being offered a new option for daily local news when Freedom Communications, owner of the Orange County Register and more than 20 community publications, launches a newspaper in the city.

LA Times Hit By Layoffs As Profits Plunge 41%                                                         Newspaper revenue is down by nine percent year over year – incuding digital advertising

New York Times launches new interactive ads for mobile                                                    The New York Times is out with some interesting new ad formats specifically tailored for their iPad app.

Retargeting: Precisely as Planned                                                                                               It’s only natural to surmise that to truly reach the right customers, you need to be as precise as possible in attempting to target them.

Star Tribune publishes serialized novel in paper, turns it into an e-book                        Lynn Liedman wakes up every morning looking for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. She’s been a loyal subscriber for years, but it wasn’t until this summer that she really got hooked.

NC Newspaper Produces 30 Minute TV Documentary “Raising Blackbeard’s Cannons” Independently owned newspaper The Raleigh Telegram of Raleigh, North Carolina recently produced a 30 minute documentary produced entirely by the newspaper’s staff. 

Millennials Still Want Their Newspapers                                                                          Despite the perception that the under-30 crowd is leaving newspapers and their websites behind for other digital news outlets, studies are finding that the newspaper is still a vital source of information for the millennials.

Twitter To Allow Advertisers to Target Browsing History                                     Advertisers Will Be Able to Target People Who’ve Come to their Websites and Customer Email Addresses

This Student Project Could Kill Digital Ad Targeting                                                           New School Student’s System Confuses Ad Targeting With Cookie Misinformation

Marketing the other side of the paywall                                                                            Today’s online news consumers prefer a smorgasboard to a single dish. So newspapers have to ask themselves: Have we equipped our brand to mesh seamlessly with other social and search brands?

Men, for the most part, still run newsrooms                                                                               In August, Deborah Turness will become the first woman to head a network news division as she takes the reins as president of NBC News.

Mobile should enhance consumer experience, not interrupt                                       Spending on mobile marketing is on the rise. Surprise, surprise. It is evident everywhere you turn. We are all spending more time staring at our tiny mobile screens.

The newsonomics of shop ’til you hop                                                                                           A new generation of companies is seeking to inject themselves where the money gets made — in the space between customers and the products they want.

Esquire charges $1.99 for article, while Australian and British papers continue paywall battles Men’s magazine Esquire has joined the throng of publications experimenting with online paywalls, asking readers to pay a $1.99 fee to read a feature from its August issue called The Prophet.

Why marketers are the new leaders of the media industry                                       Marketers need to be authentic, digital-thinking strategists who are as comfortable with data analysis as they are with creative ideas

More Watchdogs! Public Wants Critical Media                                                                       The public still believes that one of the most important roles the media can play is to act as a watchdog holding key institutions and individuals to account, according to a new cross-national study.

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