Newspapers Digital First News Summary-8/2/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on how Paywalls Boost Gannett Digital Rev 50% In Q2 

Innovations, partnerships keep Dallas Morning News evolving with the times                News media company’s chief revenue officer reflects on the long-term planning that has resulted in continued growth, learning, and innovation.

Forget second-screen apps. Today, the TV is the second screen                                      People are using their iPads and mobile phones as the first screen while the TV is running in the background, so stop trying to make those silly second-screen apps.

Apple Tests Larger Screens for iPhones, iPads                                                                  Apple is testing larger screens for its smartphones and tablets as it attempts to answer increasing concerns about its product lineup and competition from Samsung.

Decline in newspaper advertising weighs on Gannett results                                                     A decline in newspaper advertising dragged down Gannett Co’s second-quarter results, underscoring the company’s need for new revenue streams.

Mail delays causing newspapers, bulk mailers to lose customers                                          Two months after the closure of the East Texas Processing and Distribution Center near Tyler, United States Postal Service delivery delays are causing East Texas bulk mailers to lose customers.

The Washington Post Study Scrutinizes Ads Above the Fold                                         Roughly half of online ads are going unseen, per various reports. This is creating a nightmarish scenario for advertisers who face the prospect of wasted spending while publishers are left having to reassure buyers whose confidence in the medium is shaken.

Responsive Design Has Tech Considerations                                                               Responsive design may be a positive step in the right direction for the media industry, but there are some tech-based business considerations around the move towards responsive

With Digital Video, Newspaper Companies Could Disrupt Local TV                                          A lot of recent moves in local media have involved traditional media companies splitting up their print and broadcast operations and/or buying up more broadcast properties.

Paywalls Boost Gannett Digital Rev 50% In Q2                                                                   Digital revenue at the company’s publishing segment was up 49.8% for the quarter — primarily on the back of paywalls at the company’s newspaper sites — compared with the same quarter a year ago.

More Print Rollbacks Possible At Digital First                                                                      Digital First Media, which recently rolled back the print schedule at its Oneida (N.Y.) Daily Dispatch and will do the same at The (Hanover, Pa.) Evening Sun, may be planning more print cutbacks at its other newspapers

How news organizations are experimenting with ‘digestible digital weeklies’ on mobile devices. In the world of magazines, monthly printing provides content in tidy but untimely bundles, while Web posting does so in immediate but disorderly bursts.

Lee: Mobile Ad Rev Up 89%, Digital Up 5%                                                                 Newspaper publisher Lee Enterprises report mobile ad revenue of $1.5 million during its fiscal third quarter, up 89.2% from the same period last year, while total digital rvenue hit $19.9 million, up 4.9% from the year-ago period.

A mid-year question for newspapers: What ails national advertising & can it be fixed?  Gannett kicked off the second-quarter earnings season for newspaper companies Monday, and the mixed results contained a glimmer of potentially good news for the indust

Saxotech, DTI Join As Newscycle Solutions                                                                              The software solutions companies have merged to create a combined company with about 3,000 media customers in more than 25 countries

California newspaper defies industry wisdom to stay alive – and prospers                   Orange County Register shocked the crisis-stricken industry with an ambitious experiment. One year later, the paper is celebrating

Sponsored mobile content puts editorial credibility at risk                                                         It is no surprise that publishers are scrambling to figure out how to monetize mobile sites and applications. Sponsored content is one approach being embraced by publishers, but the ad units have serious ramifications for publishers wishing to maintain editorial credibility.

New mobile TV study shows changes in viewing habits                                                     Mobile devices account for just 2 percent of all TV viewing, according to a new study by the Council for Research Excellence. But among a group the study calls “early adopters” and “opinion leaders,” that figure is 7 percent.

Newspapers could not have avoided getting pulverized by Internet                                  John Huey, formerly editor-in-chief of Time Inc., Martin Nisenholtz, The New York Times’ former digital honcho, and Paul Sagan, the former CEO of Akamai Technologies, interviewed about 60 media types “about the digital disruption that has decimated newspapers across the country,”

Facebook: 41% of Ad Revenue Came from Mobile in Q2                                                       The migration of Facebook’s user base to mobile devices has been seen as an existential threat to the social network, but its mobile ad revenue is starting to keep up.

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