Newspapers Digital First News Summary-8/23/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on how Mobile news “snacking” is up sharply, but tablets are the killer news devices

Print is not dead – it just has some company                                                                           New research into real estate advertising shows print still has its place – not as an alternative to digital, but as a partner.

Where the Real Money Is Going in Online Advertising                                                            For all the hand-wringing over automated ad buying systems and mobile devaluing publishers’ real estate, a number of online properties can still fetch top dollar.

5 ways news media companies are ahead of the revenue innovation game                  Perhaps the flagging economy and steep drop in print revenues added up to a blessing in disguise — by hastening the news industry’s inevitable turn toward the digital age.

Fake Web Traffic Is Costing Advertisers Billions                                                                    Fake web traffic has long plagued the online publishing world, but Dr. Paul Barford, computer science professor at the University of Wisconsin, is claiming the problem might be worse than suspected. 

Study: Mobile news “snacking” is up sharply, but tablets are the killer news devices  People are turning to their mobile devices to read news more than ever before, but they’re spending less time in news apps on each visit, according to new figures from mobile and Web apps analytics 

What the Orange County Register’s strategy experiment says about the industry           The news media company doubled the size of its newsroom staff, created a hard paywall, and took a “print-first” strategy. Thoughts on why it might work.

Sorry, Craig: Study Finds Craigslist Took $5 Billion From Newspapers                                For years, newspaper publishers have been saying Craiglist cut the legs out from under their industry by offering a cheap, easy online alternative to their classified advertising pages.

Brands Hope to Use Mobile to ‘Conquer’ Competitors’ Locations                                   Mobile-local ad network xAd has released a new report that shows a substantive increase in interest from brands in geo-conquesting, the technique of targeting messaging to users at or near a competitor’s location. 

Publishers launch sponsored content factories, but ethics are unclear                                      A number of news organizations, including The Huffington Post and Wired, have recently launched in-house creative agencies to amp up lucrative sponsored content offerings.

Do Journalists Need a Journalism Degree? Educators, Practitioners Disagree                    The age old question has cropped up again, but this time with a digital angle: Does a journalist today still need a degree in journalism? Journalism educators and professionals aren’t necessarily on the same page about what journalism students need to know to succeed — or whether students even need a journalism degree.

Web Ads Gone Wild: Publishers Get Desperate                                                                        Call it the vicious cycle of online advertising. As the value of standardized Web-ad inventory falls, publishers are offsetting the declines by pasting as many impressions as they possibly can all over their sites.

Finnish Media Companies Develop a New Kind of Digital Paper”                                       Next Media research program and five Finnish media companies are testing a new kind of ePaper reader solution that is charged by ambient light. The solution will be piloted for newspaper distribution to hundreds of users in November.

Study: Journalism grads don’t read newspapers, mags, books                                              This could be the final blow to paper and ink news: Reporters graduating out of journalism school and headed to work at newspapers and magazines don’t read print media

Digital media: Counting the change                                                                                         Media companies took a battering from the internet. Cash from digital sources is at last repairing some of the damage

Repositioning from sustainable advantage to transient advantage is a big leap for publishers A new book, “The End of Competitive Advantage,” presents a possible strategic framework for publishers to make innovation in continuous product development part of the new corporate culture.

Blaming the blockers: What’s the future of online advertising?                                             The humble banner isn’t dead yet, but it could be better. 

Email click-to-open rates on mobile significantly trail desktop                                           While 48.46 percent of retail email opens happen on a mobile device, the 11 percent click-to-open rate on mobile is significantly lower than desktop’s 21.05 percent, according to a Yesmail Interactive report released today.

Is the iPad Era Already Drawing to a Close?                                                                       Apple’s Tablet Is Becoming the High-End Niche Within a Niche That Big-Screen Smartphones Are Cannibalizing

Back To School Shopping Gets More Digital                                                                                As students across the country get ready to return to school, parents get set to spend nearly $73 billion on clothes and supplies. While newspaper ads and circulars are still one of the most popular sources for information on sales, mobile technology is increasingly playing a role in the back-to-school shopping scene.


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