Newspapers Digital First News Summary-9/6/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on how newspapers are still a staple in the information diet

USA Today experiments with programmatic buying                                                             USA Today last September embarked on a bold experiment: It cut ad units per page from up to eight to just one, and it told networks and exchanges to take a hike.

Only 3% Of Marketers Find ‘Good ROI’ In Mobile                                                       Marketing technology company [x+1] is gearing up to release a research report comparing how marketers and consumers perceive the value of certain ad types. Chief among them: only 3% of marketers are finding “good ROI” in mobile.

Smartphones cut broadband gap, 3% still use dial-up                                                          While a growing percentage of U.S. adults at least occasionally use the Internet, many rely on mobile devices to do so and a steady 3% of adults continue to have dial-up connections at home.

Times-Shamrock to sell some newspapers, sharpen focus on Northeast Pennsylvania  Times-Shamrock Communications announced plans Monday to diversify media holdings, invest in its core newspaper market and sell off daily properties in Towanda, Shamokin, Petersburg, Va., and the Virgin Islands.

Grocery Retailers Embrace Multichannel Tech Tools                                                     Grocers, like other retailers, are increasingly aware of both the challenges and opportunities presented by technology.

A “foodie” analogy for newspapers: We are still a staple in the information diet              News publishers need to find a way to make their digital editions as savory as their print products so readers will linger over them like a five-star meal.

TV + newspaper brands equal winning combination for advertisers                                      UK research shows consumer response to act on advertising increases by 48% when the two mediums are combined, especially in the food and automobile categories.

Can Native Advertising Scale? These Networks Say It Can                                                       It would be hard to find a hotter buzz-term in marketing than so-called “native advertising,” which means a lot of things to different people but boils down to ads that look and feel like the content that surrounds them. At this point, everyone is latching onto the term, even when they shouldn’t.

Press+ Launches a Service to Make Online Video Profitable                                           Press+, which provides paywalls for the websites of several top newspaper chains, launched a new product Wednesday so entertainment and news companies can charge for their online videos.

Advocate may add third ‘distinct paper’ in Louisiana.                                                             The Advocate of Baton Rouge and New Orleans will “substantially beef up news coverage” in Louisiana’s Acadiana region, and may add a distinct Acadiana edition in 2014, owner John Georges told business leaders in Lafayette, La., Wednesday.

39pc of mobile consumers likely to use devices in-store: report                                   Retailers should not overlook mobile’s role as an in-store resource for researching and comparison pricing, according to a new report from Maxymiser.

Google, Facebook Solidify Hold of US Mobile Ad Market                                                      Total US digital ad revenues go primarily to Google, with the rest dispersed among the competitors.

How Papers Can Make TV-Like Vid For Less                                                                          Last year, U-T San Diego put down $3.5 million to get its video effort off the ground. A little further north, The Bakersfield Californian launched its own video effort for a fraction of the cost.

A White Box That Can Make Your Entire Existence Ad Free                                           Mobile antivirus software firm Bluepoint Security is taking ad blocking to the next level with a router-like appliance that can block ads on any device connected to it via wifi including computers, tablets, smartphones and even streaming services like Apple TV

Target tightens focus on mobile as in-store shopping tool                                                 Target is giving its mobile applications a significant boost with location-based features, pointing to the critical role that in-store experiences are playing for retailers in taking their mobile efforts to the next level.

How the Tablet Has Changed Readers’ Experience of The New York Times                      The New York Times Co. has been ramping up its tablet efforts since the launch of Apple’s iPad in 2010.

Print Format Newspapers Still Number One in UK                                                              More than two thirds of national newspaper readers say they prefer to read newspapers in print format rather than on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, according to new research for elephant communications.

Usage of downloaded news apps reveals some striking differences                                       The percent of all smartphone and/or tablet users who indicated that they had downloaded at least one news app jumped from about 30 percent in Q1 2012 to nearly 60 percent in Q1 2013. – See more at:

College papers cutting back on print editions                                                                               At least three college newspapers announced this month that they’re going to cut their print schedules

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