Newspapers Digital First News Summary-9/13/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on Starting a conversation about sustainability in the news media industry.

Jeffrey Bezos, Washington Post’s next owner, aims for a new ‘golden era’ at the newspaper The next owner of The Washington Post, says he doesn’t have all the answers for what’s ailing the newspaper industry or for the financially challenged news organization he is preparing to buy. But he says he’s eager to start asking questions and conducting experiments in the quest for a new “golden era” at The Post.

Starting a conversation about sustainability in the news media industry                       Today, sustainability matters are what Internet challenges were 20 years ago – inescapable

How the Sacramento Bee turned data into sales                                                        Sacramento Bee looked at data about consumer investments and media ad buying trends, putting together a digital advertising package for customers in the financial services sector.

How two small family-owned newspapers in Vermont had success with a paywall          Most discussion about online paywalls has focused on the big guys, and more recently, on big chains. 

Desert Sun reaches teens with high school mobile app                                                      “Digital Natives” is a joint effort of the newspaper and schools to create school-specific digital content, building the next generation of readers.

Bezos Needs To Learn the First Rule of Newspaper Ownership                                               In his first interview since the purchase was announced, Bezos showed his naivete about the industry with this comment:

Samsung Introduces Galaxy Gear, its Foray Into Smartwatches                                            As Smartphone Excitement Wanes, Tech Marketers Pin Hopes on Wearables

The State of Video Advertising                                                                                                    The online advertising industry is going through so many changes, it’s hard to keep up. But there are two trends that take center stage, given their incredible growth: video advertising and programmatic marketing.

Major Publishers Untroubled by Ad Blocking                                                                 According to ad-blocking data provider PageFair, more users are now making use of browser plugins such as Adblock Plus to remove ads from the sites they visit.

The Internet’s next victim: Advertising                                                                                  What the story of AdBlock Plus tells us: The online economy is broken, and won’t be easy to fix

Jeff Bezos likes print, and thinks readers will pay for a bundle of news — but is he wrong? In his first meeting with the paper he just acquired, Jeff Bezos said he prefers print and believes readers will pay for a daily bundle of news. But is he misunderstanding how the news business has changed?

Gannett Blog: Butterfly Project reportedly close to test launch                                             The plan to add even more USA Today content to the U.S. community newspapers starts with several test sites in the weeks ahead

Mobile Devices to Boost US Holiday Ecommerce Sales Growth                                        Mobile devices account for a rapidly growing share of US retail ecommerce sales, and are expected to contribute to strong ecommerce sales growth this holiday season, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates.

Quality vs. Quantity: Selling Ads Behind a Paywall                                                                Why a paywall might not impact your display pricing.

Two news media companies share revenue-generating strategies                                           In two innovative approaches, the Chattanooga Times Free Press and the Times of India tapped into new revenue streams, respectively, by organising community expo events and providing marketing services for businesses in exchange for equity stakes in their companies.

It’s Human vs. Robots in Ad Sales                                                                                              The ad tech world recoils at the notion that the move to automated ad systems means replacing humans with robots. But that prospect doesn’t mean there won’t be some bare-knuckles competition.

Journalism’s radical future                                                                                                            We are on the edge of a breathtaking new era in journalism.  One in which users will not just view/read media, but experience it, interact with it and contribute to it.  The consumer is already moving to this new world and will soon demand we do too.

Newspapers may be dying, but the internet didn’t kill them — and journalism is doing just fine  As journalism professor George Brock points out, the newspaper industry has been in decline since long before the internet came along — and journalism is doing fine if you know where to look

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