Newspapers Digital First News Summary-9/20/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on how Digital puts news consumers in control 

Video provides payday for publishers                                                                                      More and more newspapers — including the Daily Telegraph in the UK, Toronto Sun in Canada, and The New York Times — have added video to their storytelling mix, encouraging online readers to “click and stay.”

Australian’s subscription strategy grows circulation, teaches lessons about audience     After a circulation campaign increases digital subscriptions by 49%, follow-up research into those who participated in a free trial, yet didn’t subscribe, gives The Australian interesting data about potential subscribers to use in future campaigns.

Digital puts news consumers in control                                                                                   News consumption in the digital era has become far more of a participatory activity than it was in the days when folks plopped into a La-Z-Boy to read the paper or watch the evening news.

PNA Launches “Why Newspapers” Web Page”                                                                        The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association is pleased to announce the launch of its “Why Newspapers” web page, a new section of the PNA website that highlights the strength of newspapers in Pennsylvania and beyond.witter#sthash.2AXSfNsx.dpuf

Ad Spending Rises 3.5% in Second Quarter, With a Little Help                                           After holding ad spending flat in the first quarter, marketers increased their spending in U.S. measured media in the second quarter by 3.5% from the quarter a year earlier, according to data released today by Kantar Media.

Unlocking the revenue potential behind Big Data for publishers                                             Big Data is all the rage in the news media industry. But what exactly are its opportunities and how do news media companies cash in on them?

How well-informed are citizens, and how are they getting their news?                               Two major news stories, the conflict in Syria and actions on the Affordable Care Act, raise two tough questions for news media and citizens

While print continues to do well, print + digital are “lethal combo” in India                          On the first day of the 7th South Asia Annual INMA conference, the hot topic of discussion was how media companies and their consumers would adapt and change in the new environment of the digital era. The second day began with the discussion on how media planning would change in the digital environment.

News needs to go Netflix                                                                                                              The way we buy news is a ridiculous bundling mess. The news needs to go Netflix.

80,000 copies of New Orleans Advocate are distributed in the Superdome                    When Saints fans arrived for Sunday’s showdown with the Falcons, they found a special commemorative edition of The New Orleans Advocate draped over their seats.

Have Newspapers and Magazines Really Died?                                                                   Digital First Media John Paton discusses the newspaper and magazine industry in the digital age with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg television’s “Market Makers.

The Ann Arbor News, There and Back Again: Why the news world’s first print edition of a website is coming to a close Readers in Ann Arbor followed the local daily’s staff from print to digital — can they weather another brand transition?

USAT | Cover price said doubling to $2 on Sept. 30                                                                   In late July, during the quarterly earnings conference call, analyst Craig Huber asked a simple question: “What are you guys doing on theUSA Today circulation pricing front?”

Digital Grabs 56% Of Real Estate Ad Market                                                                           Real estate advertising is experiencing a comback and digital media are the biggest winners, according to a new report from Borrell Associates.

Online Promotions: a Vast Goldmine for Local Media                                                                As the marketing world shifts from advertising to online promotions, the latter presents a potential goldmine for newspapers.

Job losses announced at The Roanoke Times                                                                           The Roanoke Times announced a series of job reductions today aimed at eliminating redundancies, and making the newspaper operation more efficient and locally focused.

NAA will stop releasing quarterly figures on ad revenues, which have consistently declined. The Newspaper Association of America has reported a decline in industry ad revenues every three months since a modest gain in the second quarter of 2006. That adds up to six-and-a-half years — 26 consecutive quarters — of revenue losses through 2012.

Niche News Apps Reign Supreme on Smartphones                                                            Mobile devices are fast becoming the preferred way for people to keep up on the news, but a new survey of consumers shows big usage differences by gender, app type and device.

For some readers, starts charging                                                                 After making substantial improvements to, readers who turn most often to the website will be asked to help support it financially.

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