Newspapers Digital First News Summary-9/27/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on how Mobile breathes new life into publishers’ revenue stream

It’s Time To Put the Content-Marketing Snake Oil Back Into the Bottle              Fortunately, some brands are jumping off the bandwagon and realizing that good content isn’t free. You either have to pay professionals (and I don’t mean that intern in the PR department) to create it, or you have to pay someone else for content that was created by their professionals (such as magazine writers and editors).

Mobile breathes new life into publishers’ revenue stream                                          Mobile can streamline the process of subscribing to a magazine or newspaper, making it one one of the biggest drivers of new revenues for publishers this year. However, publishers should take note that mobile also makes cancelling a subscription that much easier.

News companies need to open every revenue window and door                                              In today’s news media marketing world, success comes not from a single solution, but every solution. News organisations should leave no stone unturned in reaching and engaging their audience

Trib changes leadership, reduces staff by nearly 20 percent                                                 Salt Lake Tribune Editor Nancy Conway, a passionate advocate for open records and government accountability, announced Thursday to the newsroom staff that Publisher William Dean Singleton is stepping down and that she and Editorial Page Editor Vern Anderson are retiring at the end of September.

More Facebook Marketers Are Now Buying Ads                                                                        In 15 months, Facebook changed from an experimental channel where marketers were reluctant to invest deeply to a mature part of the mix where they’re continuing to increase spending.

Arkansas Times digital membership so far                                                                             Daily papers all over the country have adopted paywalls. The majority of the biggest papers in the country now have them. But as far as we know, there are no other free weeklies who’ve put part of their website behind a metered paywall…until now

Disrupt the old advertising sales model with annual local contact                                         The number of active sales accounts may be a key indicator of the news media industry’s health. Do local businesses in your region even know you’ve transitioned from a newspaper into a news media company, with digital and print options?

“Mobile-first is not enough. Mobile should be all you care about.”                                           At Digiday, Josh Sternberg asked a number of digital publishing types what “mobile first” meant to them. Good answers from a number of them, but the answer from BuzzFeed’s Jon Steinberg stood out. 

Percentage of people who go online with their phones doubles                                                 63 percent of people who own cell phones use them to get online, Pew reports. That’s not exactly surprising, but it’s double the percentage of people who said they did so in April 2009.

What Does ‘Mobile-First’ Mean to Publishers?                                                                   Digiday spoke with several premium publishers about what mobile-first means to them.

5 strategies to grow print, digital circulation                                                                     Growing readership requires optimising marketing channels, understanding acquisition marketing, keeping the subscribers you have for more time, right-sizing your content pricing, and turning digital traffic into print subscribers.

Research Shows Tablets Are Primarily Used For Entertainment                                         The market for tablets is steadily growing and even outpacing the business of selling PCs, but consumers seem more interested in using their gadgets for entertainment than work or communication.

The Definition of Advertising Has Never Been More Unclear                                                 For most of the past 100 years, if a marketer said he needed a new advertising campaign, everybody knew what that meant. 

10 ways newspapers could do better                                                                                      Every leadership team of every news organization should take this list from Inc. of what customers will pay more for and rate themselves. My sense from reading industry news is that, as a whole, newspapers rate a C-

USA Today forecasts big plunge in retail sales with doubling of cover price                           As its restructuring enters a second year, USA Today is bracing for a 35% drop in newsstand sales when it doubles the single-copy price to $2 on Sept. 30, according to internal company documents.

How the tablets of the future will reach out and touch us                                                        We are not just moving toward tablets that fit into our palms or pockets, clothing or even bodies. There is something bigger; a new dimension of technology that’s emerging.

How Digital Are Community Newspapers?                                                                               The newspaper industry has undergone a dramatic shift in the past decade but have local newspapers — which were hyperlocal before hyperlocal was cool — been able to keep up?

Sun online’s disastrous paywall start as traffic plunges by 62%                                            Web metrics sometimes appear to resemble opinion polls in that the questioner gets the desired result. They are more believable when a web measurement company is entirely dispassionate and neutral.

The newsonomics of the new Chattanooga (Events) Choo-Choo                                      Events has been a buzzword in publishing circles for years — but few have been able to execute on a strategy as well as the daily in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Here’s how they built their business.

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