Newspapers Digital First News Summary-10/04/13

tablet logo jNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on how Papers Need Digital To Stabilize 

Papers Need 2-Sided Transformation Strategy                                                                          As newspapers move forward with their digital experimentation, they still need to keep an eye on their legacy business

How Did Newspapers Blow It? Not Enough Engineers, NYT Publisher Says                          It would be hard to single out just one mistake from the news industry’s fumbled transition to the Internet era. But the most important newspaper publisher in America—Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. of the New York Times—says one stumble sticks out among the rest.

Newspaper association chief optimistic                                                                                   Being president and CEO of the Newspaper Association of America is not a job for the fainthearted.

Bad news Apple – Tablet buyers now prioritize price over brand name                                  A new research report claims that tablet buyers are increasingly prioritizing price and product design over brand name, a sign perhaps that cheaper Android models are in the ascendancy.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s smartphone classified guide connects advertisers to audience Open House Guide Keyword Program allows news media company to connect traditional real estate advertisers with tech-savvy homebuyers

Butterfly | Here’s the new project at a glance                                                                         Early next month, Gannett will launch a pilot test of the Butterfly Project, a major bet on the future of print newspapers. It’s one of the company’s biggest initiatives in recent history.

Pew: 63% of US adult cell phone owners use their device to go online, for 21% it’s their main Internet device  One way or another, Americans will find their way on the Internet

For Small Papers, Digital Now Indispensable                                                                           One clear message emerged from last week’s Local Media Association’s fall conference in St. Louis: digital is the way forward for the nation’s community papers.

How a Pay Wall Changes the Engagement Equation                                                                The advertising-driven model of digital journalism depends on maximizing page views, as but when a news organization introduces online subscriptions, it reconfigures the benchmarks for success.

McClatchy: Papers Need Digital To Stabilize                                                              Newspapers need to move beyond “the giant suck of print” to find a sustainable future, and digital is the only path out.

Need to mend your relationship with readers? Try a “Brand-Aid”                                    Want to persuade readers to “hire” you as their news source? Show them what your brand delivers that no others can.

The newsonomics of selling more stuff                                                                                     Sure, you can make more money by selling your products to more people. But you can also make more money by selling more products. Smart news companies are doing just that.

Google’s chief economist understands media better than some industry executives do     Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist, talked about the challenges facing the newspaper business in a recent presentation in Italy, and showed that he understands those challenges better than most media executives

Q: What “works” on social media? A: That’s a bad question                                                  Journalists have this in common: They have a firm grasp of tools and enjoy using them, but they haven’t thought through deeply enough some key questions.

New Insights On Papers’ Mobile Audience                                                                              With the number of mobile devices owned by American adults still growing, newspapers need to continue to aggressively engage with the mobile market,

The unprofitability of the news business is a sign of success, not failure                               Can advertising pay for the news? 

The Dallas Morning News is climbing on the native advertising bandwagon                   That’s according to a press release from the newspaper. The content itself will be developed by Speakeasy, the year-old “social content marketing company” that is a joint venture between the Morning News and a local ad agency.

Is Login Data the New Gold?                                                                                                          In case you haven’t heard, third-party cookies are dying. That means publishers’ first-party data is becoming more valuable than ever. But not all publisher data is created equal.

5 reasons to direct traffic across your website                                                                         How well do you guide visitors from one page or section of your website to a different page or section?

News publishers redefine innovation through investments in people, culture                         A recent world tour of news companies unearthed the seeds of innovation now being sown across the globe. Top of the list? A strategic rethinking of how to attract and retain the right people to lead “old macho” newspapers into the enlightened and agile Digital Age.

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