Newspapers Digital First News Summary-10/25/13

tablet logoNewspapers are maximizing the opportunities within their print audiences while growing digital audiences and engagement to develop a sustainable model for the future. See how newspapers are meeting that challenge including a story on how More newspapers turn to online streaming video to expand audiences

Younger Canadians Most Interested in Apps for the Grocery Aisle                                  About three in 10 internet users in Canada could be ripe targets for mobile marketing efforts while they are in the grocery aisle, based on research from Ipsos Canada.

Smartphones Are Go-Everywhere, Do-Anything Devices for Mothers                    Portability and efficiency make smartphones a staple for mothers on-the-go

Desperately needed: more innovation on the audience side                                                 Long gone are the days when newspapers were like hydrants in a desert full of thirsty consumers. In today’s ocean of news, we need to offer something other than the water available everywhere.

33% of Twitter referrals return within a week                                                                        New study by analytics platform Chartbeat also finds 80 per cent of homepage readers return to a news site that week

More newspapers, magazines turn to online streaming video to expand audiences            Call it the Fourth Estate 2.0.

How Americans Get TV News at Home                                                                                   Even at a time of fragmenting media use, television remains the dominant way that Americans get news at home

“Whither the Pageview Apocalypse?”                                                                                       This is the first in the series of two posts about pageviews. This post will deal with some of theoretical baggage tied up in the metric, while the second will detail some research I’ve conducted on the correlates of pageviews.

Mobile advertising genie may finally be out of the bottle                                         Mainstream brands (and their big budgets) are fueling massive growth in mobile advertising. How massive?

Smartphone, Tablet Uptake Still Climbing in the US                                              Smartphones and tablets continue to ingratiate themselves with mobile phone users.

Globe and Mail CEO: ‘We have to think more precisely about what it is that will make people pay  Most newspaper CEOs would kill to be in Phillip Crawley’s shoes.

Why Google May Be Journalists’ New BFF                                                                          Google has arguably been the worst enemy of working journalists for the last decade, but now the tide is turning and the search giant is trying to repair the damage it  has done. –

Newspaper sales dive enters 8th straight year                                                                           As digital advertising sales soared 18% to a record high in the first six months of this year, the revenues of the publicly traded newspaper companies slipped an average of 5.5% to enter an eighth year of unabated decline.

Don’t assume “greatest generation” will support print at all costs                                     When planning your news company’s digital transition, don’t count out the “greatest generation.” Although studies show older consumers still love their printed newspaper, they’re also savvy about finding other news sources online.

9 ways news media can still serve their communities, earn future revenue                          To survive, news media companies must start believing they bring more to the party than news feeds.

Pragmatic Publishers Move Beyond the Great Paywall Debate                                     Starting next year, the New York Times will begin offering a pair of new digital-only subscription products at different rates in order to help it remain profitable and relevant.

The New Republic Asks Its Reporters To Sell Subscriptions                                                 You hear a lot these days about “Swiss Army knife journalists,” who are expected not just to report, write and edit stories but also to shoot photos and videos, tape podcasts, analyze data sets and write code. But selling subscriptions? That’s a job description too far.

How many top newspaper editors are from digital backgrounds? Still darn few               With digital transformation the announced top priority for newspaper companies ranging in size from Gannett to community publishers, you would think by now many would have given the editorial reins to a digital specialist. But top editors with a strong digital background remain rare.

How Publishers Can Use Data to Sell Ads                                                                                   For publishers, this new digital world can present challenges, but it can also present opportunities.

CVS Moves Beyond Newspaper Circulars With Personalized Deals                                       For a company with 7,500 stores and $120 billion in sales, CVS has a lot of data on its customers, which it uses to customize stores and pharmacies to better serve local markets.

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Career Newspaper Executive specializing in Consumer Revenue Growth-both print and digital. Social Media and Mobile Enthusiast. Frequent speaker on consumer revenue and print/digital audience growth.
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